Embarking on his career at an early age by traveling the world with the notable Tom Hopkins, Ron had the unique opportunity to be mentored by some of the world’s most notable speakers and innovative leaders, such as Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino, and Jim Rohn. This benefit of mentorship early in his career gave him a passion to give back by working with today’s next generation of leaders. Ron has worked for years in the role of mentoring and teaching leadership skills through various youth leadership programs such as the Australian Air Force Cadet, the USAF Civil Air Patrol, and Project Business (a segment of Junior Achievement). He believes the key is to invest in our youth by providing them with training and mentorship on vital leadership skills that will help them succeed in all aspects of life.


  • Develop Your Vision


What is Leadership?

We are creatures of habit. We think and act basedupon patterns of thought, assumptions, the unwrittenrules that we “know” to be true. And yet… are theyreally? How you define leadership sets the stage forwho gets involved, how you work together, and whatyou accomplish.

Who Are the Leaders?-What Do They Do?-What Are the Unwritten Rules?Break the unwritten rules and set the stage for an extraordinary year.

Having a Great Year

Everyone wants to have a great year and yet have you noticed that sometimes…… plans are made at the last minute?
… budgets seem to be more “dreams” than reality?
… details aren’t followed through on?

… there is difficulty getting people “to buy into” the plan?

… the whole team says “What’s the point?”
Do you know what a great year really looks like? Or how to get there? This is a focused,strategic-planning session during which students design and then initiate activities that will launch them toward a great year. Get more done and have more fun doing it!

Building Successful Teams

Every game has its rules, some defined and some unwritten. If you want to build a high-performance team, you need to be aware of ALL the rules. Improve performance. Create a healthy work environment. Have more fun while getting more done. Build more effective teams by understanding the rules and breaking the ones that are holding you back. Increase productivity and set the stage to develop high energy teams. Practice effective teamwork applying the four foundations of teamwork to non-threatening situations where in order to succeed the group must work well together.

Putting the Bounce in Bounce-Back

Good things happen. Bad things happen. Sometimes really bad things happen! Success in life independent upon what does or doesn’t happen to you. Rather, it often hinges upon how you react to what happens to you. Your attitude is a choice that you make every day. Your success or failure is just as much determined by your attitude as by your aptitude. How you think, your patterns of thought, your attitude, is the paintbrush that colors your world. At times, life may rot, but that doesn’t mean you have to stink up the place! This session highlights individual and organizational strategies for “bouncing back” in the face of adversity. Six principles of attitude management and resiliency will be explored using stories, games and activities.