The 2 Worst Days in Your Life

In my previous writings, I’ve introduced you to various friends. Friends like Commitment, Discipline, Gratitude, Consistency, and Resilience. They are some of my very best friends and I plan to introduce you to more in the future.

But today I want to introduce you to my two worst enemies:


What prevents people from truly being the best they can and breaking into new levels in life?

Tomorrow does.

Someday does.

Someday I will… Tomorrow I’ll do this… Someday I’ll do that… Tomorrow I’ll wake up earlier… Someday when I have a different job… Someday when the kids are grown…  Rinse & Repeat. Yet, someday never comes.

Someday is a rationalization in your mind meant to help you feel better about not taking action today.

Someday is dangerous and paralyzing. It traps you in a sea of false living. We tend to live in an imaginary land of “perfect timing.” If we ask each other (or ourselves) what we are waiting for, we hear the same excuses:

  • I’ll start that after the New Year.
  • I will start that when my kids are a bit older.
  • I’ll start that when I get out of debt.
  • I will start that after I finish school.
  • I’ll start that when the market is a little better.
  • I will start that                 (FILL IN THE BLANK).

What are we waiting for? Tomorrow? Someday?

We are waiting for all the lights to be green and some imaginary sign to suddenly turn us into a Person of Action vs. a Procrastinator, a Doer instead of a Talker.

Do you see why these are evil enemies of mine?

Let me be blunt:

There is never a perfect time. Someday is today! Today is now!

The more we wait, the more opportunities we miss. Your true goals are not being met and year after year passes with new preconditions being added while the old ones are never satisfied.

We’ve discussed ways to prioritize and plan in previous posts. We cannot do it all today. However, we can pick our priority and start it – today! Make the decision that you will not be one who continues to let time and opportunity pass you by because of fear.

You will live boldly and take action!

Look the fear in the eye and don’t reply with the typical default response of Tomorrow or Someday. You will be a Man of Action, a Woman of Courage –> A person who makes a commitment and follows through!

And the best news?

Once you do it, it will become easier every time!

You are a creature of habit. Let them serve you, not limit you.

Start today! Start now!

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