One Thing You Need to Remove from Your Life Today!

There is one toxic ingredient that, once removed, will progress your life in all aspects.

It is called “conditional living.”

Over the past few years, I’ve been fascinated by the word unconditional and what it means to me. My favorite way to define this word is: “to give, without conditions.” Absolute, not limited by conditions, unquestioning, etc.

What does this mean in your life?

The list of “conditional living” goes on and on in our lives:

  • “I’ll do my prospecting calls this week.”—if I find the time.
  • “I will go to the gym four times this week.”—if my accountability partner shows up.
  • “I’ll get out of bed without the snooze button this week.”—if I can get to bed earlier.
  • “I will eat more nutritiously this week.”—if I can get to the store and buy different groceries.

But here is the truth, plain and simple: the more you “conditionally live,” the more you will continually fall short of your potential. It is your choice!

Unconditional *fill in the blank*

  • Love and/or affection: Think about many times we withhold this until a spouse, friend, or family member shows it to us first.
  • Forgiveness: Consider who is losing if you are harboring ill feelings from the past.
  • Gratitude: Take time out of each day to visualize all you do have and are thankful for. It is all about how we perceive it.
  • Effort: Give all you have, regardless of the outcome.
  • Peace: I have and am everything that I need at this moment. What a calming feeling!
  • Belief: No matter what the situation, circumstance, or task, believe that you will rise to the challenge.
  • Confidence: Base your attitude and self-esteem at work and in life on your “controllable habits” and not on a result!
  • Joy: I talk about the difference between happiness and joy in the post, “Why the ‘Pursuit Of Happyness’ Has Got It All Wrong.” Hint: One is very conditional.

What are the conditions that, if removed today, will dramatically alter your results?

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