Is Lack of Consistency the Reason You Fall Short?

Since the title of the “Most Interesting Man in the World” is already taken, I have a personal goal to be the “Most Consistent Man in the World.”

Now, the natural objection that we all have is: wouldn’t that be boring, monotonous, or predictable? No way!

 I mean consistent in the areas that really matter:

  • Spiritual peace
  • Present and engaged parent
  • Joyful living
  • Unconditional confidence
  • Guided by principle-based priorities
  • Physically fit
  • Committed to business building practices

My former colleague, Charlotte, was known as always finishing strong in her summers with Southwestern. When others around the company would slow down and fizzle at the end, she would inevitably gain steam and literally blow past the majority of the company to always finish in the top 1%. This eventually led her to be in the lifetime top 5 out of 150,000 salespeople in the 160-year history. It became a rally for the teams she led from Canada and was just part of her DNA. You could count on it – every summer – for years.

Does she have a unique blood type or come from a special town with magical water? Of course not!

Charlotte had intentional thinking, intense preparation, and planning leading into each summer. She would visualize it, plan for it, and wouldn’t accept anything less. Charlotte learned to make it a controllable! She literally programmed herself for this outcome.

Consistency works the same way!

Take your best week of earnings (if you work in a commission paying job) and multiply it by 52. Does that blow your mind? What if you just did 80% of that for 48 weeks? I’ll bet it is still by far your best year of earnings ever!

Consistency always wins!

You can study this in athletes. The ones who put in the consistent training – whether they feel like it or not. Hank Aaron never ranked as a single season home run great. But add up his stats and he’s the greatest lifetime homerun hitter of all time! (At least that did it cleanly and legally!)

Look at Jerry Rice’s lifetime stats. Same thing. Similar to the records that Brett Favre holds and Peyton Manning is racking up. You can almost always find people who had greater weeks, months, or even seasons. However, in the end, say it with me: “Consistency always wins!!”

I’ll leave you with something I wrote many years ago for the teams I was leading. I hope you enjoy it. It is titled…you guessed it:


I’ll tell you the greatest secret of success and the biggest reason most people FAIL. It’s not lack of Desire, Big Dreams or even Motivation. It’s not a fear to Sign Up, Try or even Get Started. People go to seminars, buy books, join gyms, start diet programs and sign up for new business opportunities. Starting is not the problem – STAYING is. A commitment to CONSISTENCY is the key!

My definition of commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.

People get excited, they get started, maybe even experience some success, but they stop or stall. The “start & stop” process kills momentum and destroys progress in every pursuit. You see it in your relationships, your wealth building plan, your fitness and nutrition, and it’s most certainly true in building your business. It’s not about who gets started first or the fastest, but about those who can repeat the simple disciplines, the core fundamentals, over and over, consistently over time.

THAT is why the Tortoise beats the Hare every time – not because the Tortoise is more talented, experienced or faster, but because the Tortoise is simply and relentlessly CONSISTENT!

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