Consistent Gratitude

What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you were grateful for today?

Imagine your life lived with more consistent gratitude.

What would it do to your relationships? Your business? Your overall joy of life?

In one of my favorite cinematic moments, Tom Hanks in Cast Away sits in a dark hotel room. He has just come home after years of living alone on an island, where his home consisted of a cave lit by a fire. In this short scene, his character simply flips the light switch on and off, on and off. He stares in utter amazement with an honest appreciation for the smallest luxury.

This scene inspires me to be thankful. It reminds me not to casually dismiss the miracles that flood my world every day: my children’s laughter, my religious and political freedom, my cell phone, clean water, bold black coffee, a career that I chose and the ability to grow in it, and friendships.

Every single day, you and I live dream lives. I challenge you with this thought: right now, even as you fight your battle, as you deal with adversity, as you strive toward your goals, even if you feel behind, you are already living an amazing life.

You are living someone else’s perfect life.

Somewhere on Earth, there is a person who would kill to have your problems, who would do anything to be who you are right now. Someone would love to have the job that you complain about. Someone, somewhere, would be thrilled to drive your car and to sleep in your warm bed.

True appreciation for everyday life is critical in keeping your most powerful asset, your mind, focused and optimistic.

In order to live with more consistent joy, gratitude is the foundation. Without honest appreciation, we will stay stuck in the trap of consumerism. Wanting more and never feeling satisfied.

Two Ways to Grow Gratitude:

  1. Make a list.
    Write down 20 things that you appreciate in your life. Do this today. Don’t go to bed without completing this step. The simple focus of thinking it and putting it on paper feels too basic to really make a change, right? But the basics will always win. So 20 things, today! Then tape it to your mirror or in your shower where you can see it and read it every day.
  2. Watch your language.
    Are you a “fault finder” with yourself and other people? Weave “appreciation language” into your conversations. We all know we get what we focus on repeatedly. This doesn’t mean you are now obnoxiously always talking about “being blessed” by every little thing. I am talking about genuine, authentic language that is just appreciating the little things around you. Not picking apart faults in other people, but working to focus on strengths and building other people up! Building yourself up! Before you know it, you won’t have to try to do this anymore. It will just be a part of the way you live your life.

Enjoy the journey!

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