3 Ways to Fuel Your Success

Fuel comes in many forms.

Externally, it can come from reading positive material, visiting with a mentor or coach, meditating on your goals, or many other different forms.

Internally, it can come from visualizing how joyful it will feel to reach a goal you’re aiming for or how painful it will feel to not reach it. Fuel can also come (or not come) from your nutrition.

A common rationalization for those in business is, “I’m just too busy to eat healthy.”

What results from that mentality is fast food, caffeine, or sugar “pick me ups,” or—worse yet— eating nothing at all!

I can’t stress enough the importance of slowing down and investing in the greatest asset you’ll ever have—your body! What you put in your body is directly reflected in the consistent energy and clarity that you get out.

Most people realize and understand that nutrition affects energy levels throughout the day. However, what many don’t often realize is how it also affects sleep, mental clarity, and even how you communicate with others on a daily basis. Consistent and proper nutrition can give you the strength you need to be more patient, less jittery and more authentic in dealings with your family, friends, colleagues and clients/prospects.

“But, Ron, quality food costs too much!” 

That excuse that is garbage! What is it costing you to be less sharp and lazier? Instead of thinking about the additional cost that may be incurred by eating healthier and practicing consistent nutrition, tryto think about the negative cost of poor nutrition on not only your health but your business and productivity day-in and day-out. You may not realize it, but your poor nutrition does cost you—big time.

No matterhow busy you are, there is no excuse to not take care of yourself and fuel your success. Below are my three simple steps that anyone can take to improve their nutrition and the quality of their fuel. (You too, busy road warriors and business people!)

  1. Pack food whenever you can.

    While this is also a great money-saving tip, I pack food because I know I’ll be sure to eat more quality ingredients, less processed ingredients, and less of those undesirable additives like sodium, excess sugar, and the like.

    What should you pack? Pack snacks to have on hand for the entire day. If you eat small snacks throughout your day, you’ll keep your metabolism moving and energy levels consistent. This will help fuel your success!

    On-The-Go Snack Ideas: Trail Mix, Apples, Dried Fruit, Jerkey, Healthy Energy Bars/Protein Bars (those can even be homemade too!), Mixed Nuts, Snap Peas, Baby Carrots… the ideas are endless! If you know you’ll be out during lunch or dinner, consider packing along a sandwich, wrap, or salad in a cooler to make it easy to avoid that fast-food drive-through line. I keep a cooler in my trunk at all times.

  2. Stop at a quality grocery store.

    Say no to the fast-food drive through! Stopping at a grocery store for food only takes three minutes longer, and it is so worth it. It’s easy to run in, grab a wrap from the deli counter (with non-processed meats, cheeses, and veggies) and pick up some other snacks while you’re there. You’ll feel more energized after you eat and won’t experience the lethargic, “I-need-a-nap” feeling that tends to follow the consumption of a fast-food meal.

  3. Have a plan.

    Without a plan set in place, you’ll without a doubt find yourself falling into a pattern of grabbing bad snacks and quick, unhealthy meals. Instead, take just 30 minutes on the weekend to plan your meals and snacks for the week ahead. Not only will this help your ability to live in the “Important versus Urgent” tasks, it will also allow you to practice the art of “Intentional Eating.”

If you can think more clearly, experience more consistent energy and find yourself living a more joyful life, wouldn’t you say this is worth it?

I’d say yes!

What are your favorite snacks to pack for your long days at the office or on the road? How do you fuel yourself for success?

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