The 20 Spokes to the Commercial Real Estate Lead Generation Wheel

The 20 Spokes to the Commercial Real Estate Lead Generation Wheel:

  1. Call in leads from signage, website, IVR, etc.

    • How easy are you to find on the internet? How many clicks to find your phone number?
    • Does your website allow your potential clients to professionally view all aspects of your property?
    • How well are you at getting the word out about how much you know via social media? Today’s generation likes to be informed in a variety of different ways. Which ones are you utilizing to not only stay in touch but to be seen as a thought leader?
      • WordPress?
      • YouTube?
      • Twitter?
      • LinkedIn?
      • Facebook fan page?
      • Instagram?
      • Constant Contact?
  2. Sphere of Influence

    • Are you in regular contact with college alumni groups?
    • Do you know what the people at your church/synagogue, golf buddies, kids’ soccer parents do for a living? Are you connected with them on LinkedIn? I’m not saying to harass everyone that has to see you on a regular basis, but do you ask about them and what/who they know instead of taking about yourself all the time?
  3. Referrals from Previous Clients

    • Do you have them plugged into a drip follow-up touch system?
    • Are you asking for referrals from them?
    • Are you finding out who would be a good referral for them and connecting them?
  4. Referrals from People Who Didn’t Work with You

    • I spoke at ACREcon because of someone who didn’t work with me, but may some day. Don’t forget to ask for referrals from everyone!
  5. Referrals from Buyers/Sellers on the Other Side of the Table

    • I’m not saying to steal clients from the other guy. Play nice in the sandbox!
    • I am saying that I can almost guarantee that the other guy hasn’t asked his client for referrals, so someone needs to!
  6. Out-of-State and In-State Agent Referrals

    • Do you know who the top agents are in other states or around your state? What are you doing to form a professional relationship with them?
    • Many states find Alabama property to be bargain prices. How well are you connecting others to our state?
  7. Power Networking Referral Partners

    • Make a list of everyone who does business with your “Ideal Client” and are the best in their field. How often are you meeting with them to exchange referrals?
    • Don’t forget the Golden Rule: “Give to Get.”
  8. Social Networking Site Groups

    • Join one. Start one. Comment. Start discussions. Be seen as a thought leader and expert.
  9. Birmingham Business Journal

    • Anne Senft will come into your office and teach you how to use the BBJ for your business.
    • Subscribe to Biz Journals in other cities.
  10. Canvassing

    • Walking buildings
    • Driving around
    • For Sale/Lease by Owner
    • Host an Open House!
      • People love a free lunch! Host an Open House by inviting people from surrounding offices. They may know of a prospect or might be looking to upgrade themselves.
      • There are plenty of networking groups looking for a place to meet. Why not have them in your empty office space for their group?
  11. Vertical Marketing

    • Are you working with a company that has multiple offices around the city/state? Are you being introduced to the decision makers in the other offices and solidifying relationships with them?
  12. Phone Book 

    • Have you decided to specialize in healthcare, accountants, or financial advisors? Use the Yellow Pages or Dex Online for a complete listing of your Ideal Client.
  13. National Accounts List

    • Can you find an on-going list of the companies other agents in other cities/states are working with? If your company is doing a great job servicing them elsewhere, why not give the local decision makers a call to introduce yourself? Often the decision maker in the other state will be willing to make the introduction!
  14. Charity Organizations

    • Of course, only join a charity that you are passionate about. You will find some of your best business contacts while selflessly serving others and your community. Our community needs all of us volunteering our time for others!
  15. Orphan Buyers

  16. Cross Sales Within the Office

    • Turning them into sales/purchases and then back to a managed property with a new owner.
  17. Expire Listings

  18. Networking Groups

  19. LinkedIn

    • One of my absolute favorites! If you do not know how to fully utilize LinkedIn for an unlimited referral base clientele, then we need to talk!
    • LinkedIn is like a virtual Rolodex into the world of everyone you are connected to. Don’t miss out and be left behind with this one!
  20. Offer Public Seminars

    • To be seen as an expert and thought leader, offer public seminars.
    • Before you speak, please join Toastmasters.
      • You may think that what you have to offer is interesting, thought-provoking, and delivered in a memorable way…But it just might not be. Let Toastmasters save you from potentially chasing off potential clients instead of drawing them in!

Enjoy the list! Will you add any new spokes because of our talk? Were you reminded of areas you used to develop and have forgotten about? We would love to know!

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