Jay Jones’ Bio

Jay Jones is a certified Elite Level Sales and Leadership Coach. He specializes in teaching ethical sales techniques and strategies that individuals and teams can use to immediately grow their sales.

  • Elite-Level Sales and Leadership Coach and Partner with Southwestern Consulting
  • Equity owner of the Southwestern Family of Companies
  • Speaker, Content Contributor, and Author
  • Coached and trained thousands of sales professionals and leaders across the country
  • Distinguished career in sales as a top producer
  • Led a small business to grow from $250,000 in revenue to $1.3 million in less than 4 years

Jay grew up on a small farm in northwest Alabama. At five years old, he performed before his first audience by singing the song “Don’t Cry Out Loud” at his kindergarten graduation. This would become a theme song for most of his life as he learned to overcome many challenges and great adversity. Throughout it all, he was committed to learning from these experiences so that he could help others to overcome the challenges that they face in their lives. Jay is dedicated to his purpose of helping to heal the broken in mind and spirit; to restore hope and belief in love, compassion, service to others; to awaken every person’s ability to overcome anything from their past or present; and to lead people in creating a future by design through belief and action. He is committed to helping people to discover and believe in their ultimate potential in life and inspires them to live a life of excellence, joy, and success.As an equity owner and Partner in Southwestern Consulting, Jay is a company leader, speaker, content contributor, and a certified elite-level sales and leadership coach. He is the author of the soon to be released book, The Creation Principle. Jay specializes in showing and teaching people how to reprogram their minds to overcome the generational and environmental programming that they received in their past—which is often creating self-defeating behavior and limiting beliefs in their life. Through the principles of the over 160-year-old Southwestern Family of Companies, Jay is helping to coach and teach people how to master their controllables in life and give them the skills to be highly successful, servant-based sales professionals and leaders.

Outside of his work and mission to help people to change their lives for the better, Jay enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing with his dog Lucy, staying fit and healthy, spending time at the beach near his home in St. Petersburg, Florida, traveling the world, watching college football, singing, and being a part of the one of the fastest growing churches in America, Bridgepoint Church.