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Motivational Speaker and Sales Trainer Gary Michels

Gary Michels teaches people how to “turn it up a notch” in every area of their business and life. From having a more positive attitude at work to developing a better work/life balance overall, Gary injects contagious energy into every audience he speaks in front of. In addition to the motivational boost your attendees will experience, they will also walk away with practical and actionable insights to help them implement more positive energy in their personal and professional lives. This influx of energy is certain to create more employee engagement, boost team morale, and maximize productivity and peak performance.

Turn It Up A Notch

How to Add Excitement and Enthusiasm to your Life and your Career

This keynote covers why and how to add excitement and enthusiasm, and then zeros in on doing this in 3 main areas (Attitude, Alignment – Balanced Lifestyle,  and Accountability). This is Gary’s signature keynote and the one he has performed over 200 times around the world. Each audience member will be guided through an exercise called “Ideal Wheel” in which they will be given a system where they can actually keep score and monitor their growth in the 7 critical areas of their lives. In addition, each of the participants will be led through putting together a very powerful 60-day game plan to absolutely “Turn It Up A Notch” in their lives and their careers.

Millionaire Mindset

A Working Keynote with a Powerful Takeaway

Dig into your “SELF-TALK” in this session. For most people, 60-80% of what we say when we talk to ourselves is negative or “survival mode.” These are things such as, “I have got to go to work,” “I must eat,” “I need to make money,” “I have to try harder to be nice,” and the list goes on and on. These conversations in our heads are not incredibly inspiring. In this session, Gary will teach you how to train your mind to think inspiring and positive thoughts in a fun, heart-tugging way. By the end of the session, the audience will be writing their own powerful affirmations that they can and should recite daily to shift their attitude, activity, and results in numerous areas of their lives.


What Do You Want?

Dig Deep into what You Really Want in Your Life

We will explore WHY you do what you and think what you think. This session has you digging deep into your core of what is important to you and to what lengths you are willing to go to, no matter what, in order to achieve what it is you really want. Your life becomes much clearer when you clearly have a vision for what makes you tick and what it is you really want. You will walk away from this session more driven, more inspired, more focused, and more attractive to those around you because of the way you will now be “showing up.” This session includes quite a bit of group participation and has you very involved with others. Each participant is assisting and helping the others you are working with to become more powerful and concrete on what you are now about to go out and achieve in this world.

Closing for Champions

This module provides specific instruction and examples of proven closing techniques. The student will learn the powerful mindset of a master closer, when to close and when not to close, how to create a “buying atmosphere,” and powerful closing techniques that get results quickly. Over 20 different ways to get a prospect to say “yes” will be revealed. What you will learn in this session will be so impactful that when these techniques are used following the training, you will be amazed at how many more sales you make.

Generational Leadership

This fast-paced, interactive half-day session revolves around working with and bridging the gap between millennials, Generation Xers, and baby boomers. Most leaders today have teams made up of these three distinct and very different generations. Each with its own set of challenges.  Gary’s course will teach you how to build a work environment that not only supports your team members but your business goals as well.

Leadership v. Management

An effective manager understands the desired result and then coordinates the tasks and activities that it will take to accomplish the goal.

An effective leader inspires others to want to accomplish the desired goal and then provides the means by which it can be done.

Today’s leader has one of the most difficult jobs in American business. The recruiting, hiring, training, motivating (inspiring), and, if necessary, the firing of the “sales personality.” It is extremely complicated. It can be frustrating. It is exhausting, at best. Your responsibility in your company is no different.

In this leadership session, Gary will give you a plan, make your job easier, and help you achieve the results you deserve. He will share some of the best ideas from around the globe on how to recruit and maintain a sales team and an entire organization that produces consistent results.

• You will understand the concept of “You Manage Things and You Lead People”
• You will explore the difference between a BOSS and a LEADER
• You will learn the 9 secrets of an amazing leader
• You will discover why and how leaders create leaders
• You will learn the 10 keys to creating a sales culture in your organization
• You will define the most important things you can do as a leader


Fran S. Nashville, TN

When Gary spoke at our National Meeting he was extremely motivational and I can see why he popular on the speakers’ circuit. 

Tammy Schaeffer, San Diego, CA

There is no other person that can match you and what you teach when it comes to sales training and keynote speaking. You are an exceptional teacher, speaker, coach and mentor.

Gregg J. Herning, Vice President Sales, Bellagio

Gary always brings relevant content and delivers his message with an upbeat and motivational style.  He has become a favorite among our team with his messages referenced frequently within our weekly operations.  Though MGM Resorts has extensive training content within the company, Gary’s expertise and vast experience with many of the nation’s top corporations bring a refreshing glimpse of life outside of our boundaries. 

Catherine Monson, Chief Executive Officer, FASTSIGNS

Our convention was a great success and a significant contributing factor to that success was our outstanding content of our general sessions, breakout sessions and round tables. You did an outstanding job and we really appreciate your contributions and participation. 

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