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About the Show

Turn It Up A Notch Radio with Gary Michels is Gary’s collection of thoughts, ideas, concepts, and snippets for business and sales professionals where Gary explores advanced topics and strategies on personal success in selling, leadership, business, and in life. Gary provides a weekly motivational boost and tangible tips to help salespeople and business leaders to perform their best and to get the most out of their lives.

Our Mission

To help salespeople, business leaders, and other business professionals develop the skills and character they need to achieve their goals in life. We desire that they feel connected, generous, unselfish, and know how to give as well as receive love, and treasure quality time with others.

Our Audience

Although our primary audience is business professionals and business leaders, Gary believes that sales is a part of all job descriptions. His tips on establishing rapport or how to follow up can benefit many individuals. In addition to sales techniques and leadership issues, Turn It Up A Notch with Gary Michels includes topics on personal growth that can be applied by anyone.

Our Topics

Turn It Up A Notch with Gary Michels is a weekly, 1-hour, 4-segment talk show hosted by Gary Michels, co-founder, sales trainer, and coach of Southwestern Consulting. In each show, Gary discusses technical sales topics, as well as how to overcome personal challenges that interfere with personal growth, based upon his extensive sales experience, as well as leadership and motivational topics common in running many businesses. It features topics for personal and professional growth, how to define success personally, and how to live a balanced, authentic, and connected life. Topic examples include: Mastering Phone Skills, Managing and Overcoming Objections, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Active Listening and Communication Skills, How to Motivate Employees, and Team Building. Because Gary is a leading motivational speaker and top sales coach, the show’s topics will also be a balance of career success and thriving in personal lives.

Our Guests

Gary also interviews a top sales professional (top 5% of his or her company or industry) who overcame a sales challenge by implementing specific strategies or techniques discussed in the first segment. Also, there will be a successful manager or executive who discusses how he or she successfully implemented strategies to develop a top producing team.

Gary is proud of the quality of guests he interviews. He believes if you want to be the best, you must learn from the best. The guests on the show are the top in their field. The experience they share during an interview of what worked and what didn’t is priceless to anyone who seeks personal growth or wants to take their career to the next step.


Popular Episodes:

Jo-Ann Houston

Vice President, Franchise Operation of GymGuyz in the greater New York area

Dan Bozzuto

CEO and President of Bozzuto Insurance Services

Shery Christopher

Senior Vice President Nutty Scientists

Jerry Hancock  

Founder and Owner of SubZero Ice Cream

Todd Betlejewski

Co-founder and CEO of Coregenx

Nancy Bigley

CEO & Co-owner Bottle & Bottega

Becky Bongiovanni

Vice President Franchise Development & Training of CarePatrol

Ralph Yarusso

COO Grease Monkey International & SpeedDee Oil Change


Al Guido

President of the San Francisco 49ers

Mayra Austin

Customer Success Manager, PBFY Packaging