Presence is Powerful

Have you ever noticed when someone is completely present how attractive, engaging, and enjoyable it makes the interaction?

When one has the ability to be present in every moment, it does good things. Concentration is sharpened, and rapport is built much faster. Connections with others is stronger. Being present and engaged with yourself and others reduces stress. It is assumed one should always be present and in-the-moment, yet those around you will notice when that isn’t happening.

Being present doesn’t necessarily mean you are outgoing. Being present and engaged is about:

  • Centering yourself
  • Being comfortable with who you are
  • Being fully engaged in your surroundings
  • Your mind is not wandering
  • You are hearing what people are saying
  • People feel as if all your energy is focused on them and the conversation

Being present is often a challenge because we live fast-paced lives.

Our attention wanders. While in a conversation with someone, most of us are mentally preoccupied with other things. Although present physically, not available mentally. Our minds are often focused on our next meeting, something going on at home, or the upcoming weekend. Stress can cause the “noise” going on in our heads.  This type of stress is something we all experience at different times and deal with properly to be fully engaged.

When you allow yourself to be fully present and engaged stress tends to vanish and you operate at a more efficient pace.

When you are truly present and not worrying about several different things simultaneously, you will begin to enjoy watching the world unfold around you. Once you slow down and become present, you hear what is said in between the words of those with whom you are speaking. In other words, you truly understand what a person means. When you are truly present you see the beauty in a sunset, you will notice the little things in life that are quite amazing.

You may have heard of the “Law of Attraction.” When you have a presence, people are attracted to you. They want to spend time with you. In business, trust is built more quickly. People feel important. They feel cared for. When you say to yourself, “I really like that person”, a large part of your feeling  may be due to their ability be present and fully engaged.

To build this skill set, you must truly want to improve and grow.

You will need to keep it in the front of your brain. If you read/recite affirmations, one of your affirmations could be something along the lines of, “I enjoy people and life more because of my ability to be present,” or, “I am an amazing, present person”.   You can ask for feedback from people close to you as to how they perceive your ability to be present and ask them to hold you accountable if they notice anything of relevance.

Simply said, Focus is Power!! If you focus on being more present, you will be. In addition, the benefits of less stress, better relationships, and more happiness will be yours.

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