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Are You Stressed Out?

Guest Post By: Gary Michels

As a leader in your business, people do not want to see your stress at all.  They want to see you as a strong person they can follow and has a grip on your emotions and feelings. And in your personal life, carrying stress around with you certainly doesn’t enhance your life or the people around you.

So here are some things you can do to alleviate stress as you are a human being, and will experience it. Although stress may be present, you will be able to control it.


Get rid of endless to do lists and focus in on what’s really important.  “The essential question is not how busy are you?… But what are you busy at? So often people are getting ready to get ready and are not spending their time on IPA (Income Producing Activities). The only two IPAs are prospecting and presenting. When you spend time there more often than not you get results and that will most likely alleviate stress.

Don’t prioritize your schedule; instead schedule your priorities. Schedule your family time, your health and fitness time, your friend time, and your work time (inside your work time needs to be prospecting/ business development time). All of these get calendared before other to do items. All of these are your rocks of life and the “rocks” of life need to be put into your “jar” of life before your pebbles, sand, and water.

Being healthy is such a huge part of eliminating stress. Being healthy means different things to different people of course. Is what you are putting in your mouth nourishing your body and mind? Are you drinking enough water? Are you taking time to exercise on a regular basis? Taking the time often for a walk, run, lifting weights, yoga, water sports, etc. etc has proven effects on diminishing stress in our lives. I can write a whole piece on just this one topic.

Reduce stress by needing and wanting less.  Are things we acquire in our life really adding value or just adding clutter to our surroundings and lives? As I recently moved I took over 25 trips to “Goodwill” and actually feel I could even go a few more times to get rid of things I no longer need. “When we attach value to too many things that are not love… like the car, money, the house, and things in the house, we are loving things that cant love us back” Loving and being loved brings joy and happiness which is the opposite of stress. What is enough for you? What parts of your life need to be simplified?

Take time regularly to vision the future so you can peacefully come up with a plan to get there. Once you have the plan review it regularly. The more you review it the more it will naturally become part of you. We call the ability to know where you want to go and then creating a plan to get there (re – engineering from the final desired result to what you have to start doing today).  Having a plan to get there takes away a ton of stress and having Affirmations to back and give you the energy you will need to make it to your desired result is huge.

Leave your past behind you because there is nothing you can do to change it. The past can educate you to make wiser decisions in the future, but spending any time stressing, worrying, etc. about it is unnecessary. Carrying the past forward will only provide us with incremental changes in our lives. People that chose to aim for massive breakthroughs in their life, do it by letting go of any ties to the past and starting with a fresh blank sheet of paper or an empty canvas before the painting. What in your past are you holding on to? How is it holding you back? What conversations either in your head or with someone need to happen to clear a path for an amazing future?

Constantly tell yourself that you have a choice. You have a choice to be stressed and a choice to be happy and peaceful. When you stop having a choice you are a victim. Ask yourself often, what are my choices here that will bring back peace and harmony to myself and those I love and care about around me? Going through this exercise often reduces stress because it allows you to be in control of your own destiny. We choose   how we react, what we think about, and what we become, as well as choosing how we want other people to perceive us. Choose to confront challenges head on as well as choose who you spend time with as they will be your support system to lead you to the top of the mountain.

Take complete accountability and responsibility for your actions and your situation. You will feel a huge load lifted off of your shoulders. Stop making excuses and find a way instead. “Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure” — Don Wilder

These are just a few tips on how to handle stress. By managing our own stress level we can enhance the quality of our own life and share our joy with peers, family members, our loved ones, friends and other people we may come in contact every day.

It’s time to get rid of this stress and I suggest you carry this writing with you for 21 days and review daily until it becomes part of you!

Gary Michels is a co-founder of Southwestern Consulting. He is a keynote speaker, sales trainer and business consultant and has motivated nearly 1,000,000 people to achieve their highest potential nationwide. Gary spent 19 successful years as a sales representative for a national fund-raising company.

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