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Win This Season

We’re all in different seasons of our lives and no matter what season we’re in, we want to win. We want to feel like we’re doing our best.

There is a Starting Line and a Finish Line to Each Season

This past summer, we registered Dawson, our four-year-old, for his first ever race. He loves to run and, as I’ve mentioned before, he thinks he’s Superman, so he thinks he’s incredibly fast. Dawson does these little races around our house on his scooter, but he often doesn’t have anyone to race with him, so he races his imaginary friends. (He has a competitive advantage against them because they’re imaginary.) He is both a contestant in this race and he is the announcer. Dawson is always taking the “early lead”, of course.

So I decided I’d register him for his first road race. It was a kids’ fun run that happened before the big East Nashville Tomato Fest 5k. It was just a fun run, probably no more than 800 meters. So that morning we got up and we went to the race, and he was wearing a Superman shirt and cape, obviously. Dawson was all excited! We were on the starting line together and they said, “On your mark, get set, go!” He took off the starting line, believing, “I’m going to do so well!”

Probably about 12 feet into the race, that thought turned into: “Mommy, I’m tired. I can’t go on anymore. I need to rest. I’m not gonna make it.” For me, I was like, “No son of mine is going to be a quitter!” So I ran beside him and said, “We’re going to do this! We’re going to finish this race!” At that point, he was screaming “No!” But I said, “You’re coming, you’re finishing this race!” And I’d run along, trying to drag him behind me.

There were all these people on the side of the road, cheering him on: “Come on, Superman, you can do it!” One guy was running along the road too, so I’m on one side, kind of dragging Dawson across, and this guy is on the other. He said, “Hey Superman, when I run, I cry too; it’s okay!”

Dawson was limping along this entire race, barely making it through, and crying the entire way. Until we’re about 15 feet from the finish line and he realized, “Oh, there’s the finish line!” Then he started running again and he ran as fast as he could straight through the finish line! Victoriously, he yelled, “I won!” (He was probably one of the last ten kids in the whole race.)

My point of that story is there is always a starting line and there is always a finish line to every season of life that you are in. Sometimes we don’t realize there’s going to be a finish line. We feel like Dawson in that race, thinking this is going to last forever. I can’t make it. I can’t go on. Or I can’t do this. But there’s always a finish line.

It’s Easier to Start Well than to Finish Well

Another principle is it’s easier to start well than to finish well. Do you notice that in life? How many of you have been to the gym recently? What does the gym look like in January? It’s packed! Sometimes you have to wait in line for the machines and the personal trainers are all booked up. I’ve even gone to a gym in January where you had to pay extra money to go to the classes. But what happens to that same gym in March? It’s a different experience. It’s easy to start well; starting well just takes excitement. But finishing well takes discipline.

The Better You Finish Your Current Season, the Better You Start the Next Season

Some of you might be thinking, “This is the beginning of a new year; of course it’s the beginning of a season!” But even if it’s the beginning of a new year, even if this is the beginning of a season right now or the beginning of a campaign, you might be in the thick of it in a different season of your life. You might be right in the middle of something or you might be wrapping up something else. Life is a lot about momentum. The better we finish, the faster we start; the faster we start, the better we finish. We have to create that kind of momentum in our lives.

I challenge all of you to just make a decision. Just resolve that you are going to win, not just make it through, but win in every season of your life. Next week, we’re going to go into the steps for doing that.

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