Who Would You Invite to the Recruiting Party?

Oftentimes managers recruit through cold sources. They recruit on Monster or Craigslist, and they recruit people they don’t know. Those people come to the company not knowing anyone, and when they have challenges, they don’t really have anyone they already know or trust to turn to. They don’t have an emotional connection with someone inside the company that is strong enough to help them make it through those challenges.
People you recruit through those cold sources have a much higher turnover than people you recruit through people who are already on your team.

Let’s talk about the “Team Member Approach.”

This is a technique to recruit in a very warm way. Really what this is all about is asking those who are already on your team, “Who would you invite to the party?”
To do this approach, you will need to call a meeting with each person on your team individually or in a small group. Before the meeting, tell them to come in with their laptops or cell phones. This is so they can access their social accounts and contacts.

The first step when you sit down with them is to tell them you need their help.

Just ask for it; they want to help you.

The second step is to really sell them on why it’s a good thing to help you.

It’s a good thing to help refer their friends in this business. It’s good because people who are already connected to people on the team are much more likely to do better than someone else. They outperform cold recruits. You’re building a championship team. You have to have terrific players to build this great team. Another reason they would help you is if you incentivize them for their help. Giving a spiff or a bonus for that referral might help get good recruits.

Then you’ll ask them who they would invite to a party.

They can invite anyone that they want to this amazing party, so who would it be? Next, help them think this through using memory joggers. Have them really think if they know someone who is ambitious, someone who was a best friend in college that they haven’t talked to in a while, who’s the most likely to succeed of their friends. Help them think about these people that they might know through their social groups and people who might stand out.

Now that you’ve made this list, the next step is marking people off.

This will help them come up with more people that would be good for recruiting. Ask the staff who they would not want to work with, or who really isn’t a hard worker, or that they might not ever hire in real life, even though they are friends. Narrow it down to a good use of referrals.

Finally, get the approach approval.

You will need to get what is interesting about them, learn a little bit about them, get their contact info, and reach out to them. This is a great way to get referrals and build who you would all want at the party!

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