What to Add to Your Schedule to Give You More Time

Below are some things you should add to your schedule to give you more time. I know you’re thinking, “Emmie, have you seen my schedule? How could I possibly fit anything else in?” The reality is we all have the same amount of time. We all have 86,400 seconds in our day, no more no less. Some people are just better at getting more done so that they have more time. The tips below don’t actually create more time, but they do make you feel like you have more.

Here is what you can add into your schedule:

Planning time

Out of all the top producers that I know, the most successful people out there plan planning time into their schedule. Most top producers put an hour or two of scheduling time into their schedule on Sunday. They take their to-do lists and find a home in their schedule for each activity.

Email time

If you’re checking email all day long, then you are a slave to it. You are completely reactionary. If you check your email first thing in the morning, then you start the day off reacting. Usually, when we get three emails out, we have nine more that come back in our inbox. So, set a time during the day or multiple times during the day where you check your email but only at those times.

Flex time

Top producers also plan flex time to solve problems. They plan time to be reactionary. They plan time to return calls and put out fires.


This is a great thing to add to your schedule. When you feel good and have more energy, your attitude is better, and you can get a whole lot more done.

Break time

Plan a break. A lot of times, people take breaks when they are frustrated, overwhelmed, or not feeling successful. If we take our breaks when they are planned instead of when we feel like it, then our breaks become a reward and not a crutch.

Education time

When we are growing and learning, we feel more productive and happier.

Prospecting time

During our prospecting time, we should work them like golden hours. In other words, you need to have everybody ready in a queue to call where you can just dial and dial. Then you can spend that entire hour making those calls. Put a sign on your door that says: “Do not disturb!” Do not take any other calls, unless you are going to book an appointment. Spend that block of time making calls!

Market research time

Often, you make the time to set appointments but when that time comes, you don’t know who you are going to call. Get your prospecting leads collected and the people you want to call ready before the appointment time.

After adding these things to their schedules, salespeople often say, “I feel so much freer,” or “I used to feel like I was completely behind, now I feel like I’m getting it all done.” By following these tips and using the suggestions, it really will give you a lot of freedom and make you feel like you have more time.

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