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What Closing Is Not

When you think of closing, what comes to mind? For most people, they think of being strong-armed. They think of a pushy, sleazy, manipulative salesperson.  They have negative connotations with closing because they really don’t understand what closing is.

In order to be more effective in sales, you actually need to change your perception about what closing is and what it isn’t.

What Closing Isn’t:

Closing is not getting someone to say “yes.”

Most people think that closing is about getting their prospect to say “yes.” In fact, we had a client that would not accept any other definition of closing. Hear this: closing is never about talking someone into something that they don’t want or need. Closing is simply bringing someone to a point of decision. When you understand the correct definition of closing, then you begin to see that a “yes” is good and a “no” is also totally fine. Instead, you learn to hate the “maybe.” You don’t want people to get stuck in indecision. You want to help them make a decision because it is what is best for them.

Closing is not selfish.

Many people are self-focused when they are selling. They are thinking about how much they need the sale rather than thinking about what their customer needs. That kind of “commission breath” you can smell from a mile away. The best closers are not focused on their needs but on their customer’s needs. They realize that it is a service to help someone decide what is best for them. They see closing as helping people solve a problem.

Closing is not about applying pressure.

While many people associate closing with strong-arming, it is not. In fact, if people feel any kind of pressure, they will not let you close them. They will resist making a decision and will give you objections instead. At Southwestern Consulting, we teach that in order to close you must create a “buying atmosphere.” A buying atmosphere is different than a selling atmosphere. A selling atmosphere is an atmosphere in which someone feels like they are being sold. A buying atmosphere is one in which we take the pressure off and actually give someone the opportunity to say “no.” Don’t be afraid of a “no.” Realize that the more comfortable someone is to say “no,” the more comfortable they feel saying “yes.”

Closing is not about talking someone into something.

Closing is not really about talking at all. It is about listening. In fact, many salespeople are not comfortable with silence during the closing process and they talk themselves out of the sale. Closing is less about talking and more about active listening. Closing is a process of asking questions and listening to the answers. The quality of your listening determines the quality of your questions. The quality of your questions determines the quality of your answers.

In order to grow your sales results, you must grow your perception of what sales is and what closing is not. In order to be a service-minded closer, someone who is a real pro and not a peddler, you must realize that closing is about listening and asking questions to help people make the best decisions for their needs. When you start to see closing for what it is, you will get out of your own way and close more sales.

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