Value Management Just As Leadership

At a leadership summit I was hosting in Houston, I asked the group to define management and to define leadership. This happens to be one of my favorite topics to speak and write about!
Everyone gave their definitions and then I asked which of the two were better. Like many other groups of leaders, when you ask this question, most people said: “Leadership is better than management. I don’t really want to be a micromanager; I want to be a leader and inspire people.” I could see they valued leadership more than management and many times in our culture that happens. Management just gets a bad rap.
It isn’t that one is better than the other; they go hand-in-hand. Being a good manager helps you to be a good leader.

Remember: you manage systems and lead people!

The next thing I did at this summit was an exercise where I divided everyone into three groups and asked them to identify all the ways a particular task would help them better lead people.
  • 1st group task: Identify how to manage a schedule.
  • 2nd group task: Activity metrics.
  • 3rd group task: Putting together a follow-up schedule.
What they started to realize was that managing these things would help them to better lead their team. If they did not actually plan, work, and manage their schedule, then they would most likely not plan proactive one-on-ones with their team members.
They are probably not going to remember to follow up on important details or hold their team members accountable properly. They likely are not going to be reactive to their team’s problems and questions as leaders, or not build the business and keep it moving forward. This causes fires they have to put out and consequently makes people too dependent on them.
They saw how managing these areas and these things would create systems to enhance the quality of leadership for their team.
The truth is that there are naturally some people who are better at management; they are good at planning schedules, times, and details. And there are other sales managers who are going to be better at leadership. They might be visionaries and great at inspiring people, or catching them doing things right, or promoting a message or theme.

What we must remember though is to be a great sales manager, we must be able to be really good at both.

You have to both manage things and lead people. It is possible to do both! Learn and practice them together and you will have a solid foundation and excellent team!
What are you proud of for doing as a leader and manager for your team? Tell us in the comments below!

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