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Selling in Streaks

Have you ever noticed how you can sometimes sell in streaks? For example, you might have gone all day long not really getting through many doors, not really selling many customers, and then all of a sudden, someone buys. You’re so excited that they bought that you run to the next house, call the next prospect, email the long-shot dream client, and seemingly instantly you’ve got everyone buying from you. You continue your week with people buying from you just because you are super excited and they picked up on your enthusiasm. Has that ever happened to you?

Positivity Impacts Sales

I bet it’s happened to many of you where you have sold in streaks. The thing is when we’re in a positive state of mind, when we’re feeling confident, when we’re feeling the enthusiasm, when we’re feeling convicted, when we’re on fire, people are attracted to us. That enthusiasm is contagious. That confidence and that conviction shines through and it gets people excited and they buy into your conviction.

Negativity Impacts Sales

On the other hand, you might sometimes have a negative emotional state where you’re feeling fear and frustration, you’re feeling self-doubt, you’re feeling overwhelmed, pity, or scarcity. You might have those kinds of negative emotions happening, and when you’re in that emotional state, nobody wants to buy from you. They’re not going to let you in their house, they don’t call back, they go dark. They don’t want to touch you with a 10-foot pole.

The emotions that we feel determine our attitudes, and therefore, our results. We have to control our emotions, because sales is a transference of emotion.

How Emotions Affect Sales

So how do you actually use emotion to your benefit? Can you actually control your emotions? Because, most of the time, we’re not really in control of them, right? We’re just responding to different circumstances, different environmental stimuli. We’re letting things happen to us and those things are controlling our emotions. Mrs. Jones blows us off the porch or Mr. Smith hangs up on us and then we feel overwhelmed, we feel pitiful, we feel defeated. But the previous day the opposite happened and we had someone buy and we were so excited. It was our best day ever and we were on fire! We’ve let those daily circumstances control our attitudes. But what if we could use our emotions to help increase our selling streaks?

Emotional Intelligence Mastery

Neuro-associative programing is when you intentionally change your mind and you change your emotions. You program your mind and your emotions the way that you want them to be, not just allowing the external world, circumstances, other events, or even other people’s conditioning of you to control your attitude.

The root of the word neuro comes from the Latin word nervus meaning “nerve” and the word associative was first used in the 1800s and means “dependent on or acquired by association or learning.” Together, the word neuro-associative forms the meaning of programming your emotions—associating your nerves (your brain) with another state of behavior, intentionally putting yourself into a state of enthusiasm or a state of confidence. Neuro-associative programming your emotions gives you a feeling power and a feeling of abundance. You get into a state of feeling something that is going to help you to be more successful.

Neuro-Associative Programming Techniques

There are a few techniques you can use to program your emotional state. Emotional intelligence is an essential element of getting to where the high of “selling in streaks” becomes your normal. The goal is superior productivity, maximizing results, and elevating your sales.

Look for the upcoming 4-part series on mastering emotional intelligence through neuro-associative programming!

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