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Our Desire to Win

Right here, we have a 16-month-old little girl named Cadence and our son, Dawson. They have been sick for about eight weeks straight. Our nanny sat them down to take a picture and this is the best one she could get, but that’s the reality of our lives right there. We’re not exactly Pinterest worthy. I wish that I was one of those moms, but I’m not. The truth is we all have the desire to win. You would want to look good to others. We want to come out on top. We want to be in first place. We want to be our best. We have this desire to win.

Competitiveness is actually a biological trait that evolved due to our basic need for survival. It’s in us, it’s in our blood, it’s in our DNA. We want to win, but so often we don’t feel like it. We did when we were really little, right? This is Cadence during mealtime. She’s got to do it yourself, right? She has to feed herself even though she’s not very good at it. She thinks she is and she wants to learn. Actually, if you study all of our basic desires (the desire for food and the desire for shelter, etc.), the number one most primal desire is called seeking. And what that is that it’s actually striving towards something. It’s trying to figure something out. It’s being in pursuit. Our number one most basic primal desire to strive towards something. That’s why she’s got to feed herself. That’s why we can’t feed her.

And then our son, he thinks that he is Superman. I mean, he’s pretended to fly, he’s racing everybody around in the house, he lives in a Superman shirt. You know, when we’re kids, we think that we are superheroes. We want to be superheroes and we think that we’re capable of anything. But somehow along the way, we lose that. We have this desire to win. We have this desire to be our best, but yet on many days we don’t feel like Superman and we don’t feel like Wonder Woman, if we have to be honest with ourselves. On many days we feel like we’re failing.

We feel like we just can’t get it right in that conversation or in that close. We feel like we’re not where we want to be financially. We feel like we’re behind. We feel like we’re missing the mark. We don’t really feel like we’re winning. So this part is all about how to actually feel like we’re winning at the game of life. Even when we’re being thrown punches. Even when we don’t feel like winning. And I’m going to share with you several principals over the next several blog posts that will help you win the season you’re in. Stay tuned for next week!

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