Maximizing Results by Managing Systems

All leaders want to maximize results by helping their people be the best that they can be. But, more often than not, they fail to help their people realize their potential because they don’t understand the relationship between management and leadership.

Management Versus Leadership

In my role as a business and leadership consultant and coach, I have both formally and informally asked thousands of leaders the question, “Which is better: management or leadership?” Unequivocally, most people quickly respond that leadership is better. They profess: “I want to inspire people. I don’t want to micromanage.”

People value leadership more because they don’t have a proper understanding of what management is.

 “You manage systems, you lead people.” —Grace Murray Hopper

Most people think that some people are leaders who are only out there inspiring and motivating other humans.

And then there are other people who are managers. They are in some office building reviewing spreadsheets utilizing CRM’s building schedules and following SOP’s.

I challenge you to not see management and leadership as separate tasks completed by separate people. Instead, management and leadership are different skill sets that all leaders need.

You must manage systems in order to lead people to their peak potential. Time and time again managers do not lead their people to be their best because they are not managing systems.

Management Roadblocks

Rather than managing their schedule, they allow interruptions again and again. This enables their people, preventing them from developing into independent problem solvers.

They do not manage a personal conference system. As a result, instead of proactively developing skills in their team members, they reactively talk about surface issues.

They do not manage an activity tracking system and so they recognize and promote results. Putting the attention solely on results conversely leads to decreased results.

Do You Want to Maximize Results?

I work with clients on how to manage systems like your schedule, a personal conference system, and an activity tracking system in order to lead your people to their full potential. If you would like to combine leadership and management, seeing greater results through learning how to properly manage systems, contact me!

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