Life Goes Fast – Don’t Miss It!

If you’re a parent, how many of you just feel like your children’s lives go by very quickly? I feel like that. They’re born and then all of a sudden they’re 18, right? It just goes by fast. I can’t believe Dawson, my son, is going to be in kindergarten this year.

Why does it actually go by faster and faster every year? It’s not just in your head. There’s a lot of science for why you feel like that, why that’s actually real. I won’t get into the deep science because there’s really weird stuff like all about rapid eye movements, things like that.

This past year, we did our incentive trip to Iceland. We also needed to go over to Estonia and work with our team over there, and attend a wedding. So we spent a whole month in Europe with the kids and with our nanny and had a good time. We were there from mid-April through mid-May in Europe. When we got back to Nashville, Tennessee, our little girl, who had just turned eight months, didn’t even recognize her own bedroom.

She didn’t recognize her crib; she didn’t recognize her dog. Cadence was looking around the room, like, “Where am I? This feels familiar, but this is really weird.” Like she had loved her dog. She would hug him and love on him, but when we got back she didn’t remember him. I thought that was kind of weird that after this trip to Europe, our kid doesn’t remember her house, she doesn’t remember her dog. But when you think about it, she was gone for one eighth of her life. I mean that’s a long time in her world, right? To a baby who is turning eight months, one-eighth of your life is a big percentage of your life.

To Dawson, our four and a half-year-old, one month is still a really long time. But to us, one month is a much smaller percentage of the amount of time that we’ve been alive. I’ve been alive for 479 months. So one month out of 479 is not that much. That’s one reason why it just seems to go by faster and faster and faster. Another reason that seems to go by faster is because life happens to us in seasons. It’s just a collection of seasons and there’s all these different seasons in our lives.

You might be in a season of your life where you’re building a family or you might be in a season of your life where you’re building a business. You might be in the thick of a learning curve or you might be feeling like you’re figuring it out. You might be building your finances or you might be trying to get in better shape. You might be upgrading your home or downsizing. So we’re really in all different seasons of our lives and no matter what season we’re in, we want to win. We want to feel like we’re doing our best.

Next week, I’ll talk about how to win the season you’re in. Stay tuned!

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