Identify the Season You’re In

We’re going to talk about the four steps to winning the season of life that you are in.

First, you have to identify the season.

In the summer of 2017, I was pregnant with Cadence. Some mothers out there say, “I love being pregnant. It’s awesome. I could be pregnant all the time. I would be a surrogate mom if I could.”

If you’re one of those women, I can’t stand you. For me, it was awkward and uncomfortable. It was painful and I didn’t feel pretty. Each pregnancy for me had different challenges. I had a weird issue going on with my last pregnancy and I blocked the name of it. But it’s when your ligaments become so loose that your pelvic bones separate. That doesn’t feel too good! Even just walking or pulling your pants up hurts.

So there were all these things that were going on with my body that I didn’t like. It didn’t feel comfortable. It wasn’t fun. And what I wanted to do was fast forward. I wanted to fast forward through that season of pregnancy to get to that season where I was going to have my new baby. I would be able to hold her and look in her eyes, and that’s what I wanted to get to. But I almost missed another season of life that I was in.

It almost didn’t even occurred to me that this was the last time in my life that my son was going to be an only child. Or that I was going to be the mother of an only child. It didn’t even occur to me because I was trying to fast forward through this other season. When I realized it, when that light bulb went off, I started to look at every single moment differently. I started booking trips to water parks and I had all these Dawson and Mommy dates planned. I developed all these experiences with him. We went out and had fun together. It was so important that he and I share those moments.

Sometimes we don’t even realize the season of life we’re in. Here’s a tip to make sure you can identify the season of life you’re in. Ask yourself: what do I worry about? What keeps me up at night? What’s occupying my headspace? Because whatever you’re worrying about might help you identify a season of life that you’re in. Identify. Know where you’re at so you know where you want to go.

Come back next week for the next step to winning your season of life: defining the win. You don’t want to miss it!

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