How Rewriting Your Self Talk Can Make A Difference

When I first started working for Southwestern Consulting, I spent four years on the road touring with our seminar division.

We had a big conference that toured the country and every four months that conference would go to a different city and I would move with it. I lived in 12 different cities, and every four months I would start over at zero. I would get to that city not knowing a single person, and certainly not have any leads or any past clients. For someone who’s very competitive and goal-oriented, you could imagine the anxiety this would cause. At the beginning of every campaign I would feel like I wasn’t going to hit my goal, I would start off slow and not be where I needed to be. Each market got tougher and I didn’t think I would be successful. I had all of these fears in my mind. Each of us gets these negative thoughts that come to us. We may say them out loud or just in our head. You may say, “I don’t have enough time to do everything I need to do.” You may doubt the professional you are and think about how other people have more opportunities than you. All of these negative thoughts are things we can bounce back from. Let’s be top producers and not let the negative feelings marinate and get to us! We need to bounce back!

The first thing you need to do is rewrite your self-talk to be positive.

Change what you said from, “I don’t have enough time” to “I have just the time I need to get everything done.” Make sure that you’re putting it in first person. “I am happy, I am generous, I am grateful!” It’s so much more powerful if it’s written in first person.

The next thing you need to do is get 3 x 5 notecards and take about four or five of those self talk lines and put them on your cards.

You might have something that like, “I’m grateful for this opportunity; it’s getting me to where I want to be,” or “I have a wonderful family and I show them my love every day.” Carry them with you!

The third step is to take those notecards with you everywhere you go and say what’s on them out loud all day long.

Now, when I say all day long, I do mean from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Put them on your bedside table so you can see them in the morning when you wake up and say them out loud. It’s believable when you say it out loud; take it as truth. Read them at lunch and say it before you go into a big meeting. Say those positive self-talk statements all day long, then when you get home and before you go to bed at night.

If you do this and commit to saying self-talk out loud, you will be amazed at how fast you actually get out of your rut.

You will be amazed at how much you’ll actually believe in what you can do and what you put on paper.

With each campaign, I would rewrite those negative thoughts that I would get every time. I rewrote them so I knew I would be a great campaign, and I would be successful. I reminded myself, even with the challenges of the new city, I would do really well. By reading those each day, it only took about three days for me to completely change my attitude and get out of that negative mindset. I was proud of myself when I would accomplish what I sought out to in each city.
Allow yourself to build yourself up so you can break records, so you can be the best that you can be. Write down those positive reinforcements each time you set a new goal. If you rewrite the negative self-talk to positive, put them on notecards, and say it out loud, you really will start to see amazing things happen.

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