Gain Confidence With These 7 Steps

Anytime there is an area of our life where we can improve or we can get better, it can be a little scary. Whether we want to get better at prospecting or closing, get in better physical shape, or we want to be more social. If we are growing and getting outside of our comfort zones, it can be daunting. Sometimes it’s easier to want to stay in a safe space.
Let’s talk about seven steps that you can follow to gain confidence in any area of your life.

1. Desire

You have to want it! Just because you want something doesn’t mean you will get it.

2. Goals

If you want to be a better closer, just saying “I want to be a better closer” isn’t a very specific goal. You need to set a specific goal. How about having a 45% closing ratio – that’s more specific. In order to have a specific goal, we need to know where we are at in our sales. If you want to start getting better at something, you have to start where you are and work your way up to getting to that 45% closing. Now, after you have your goals, this still doesn’t mean you are totally confident.

3. Knowledge

To gain knowledge, follow other people who are very good at what you want to learn. Watch and observe and write down what they do that is different. Listen to their words, look at their body language, read, and study other things. Work with coaches and do things to gain knowledge. Knowledge is ultimately one of the steps along the way to confidence. Just because you read a book on how to play tennis, for example, does not mean you are now 100% confident at the game of tennis. After you gain knowledge, you will need the next step.

4. Practice

If you want to be a better tennis player, and you read up on how to play, then you need to get out and actually hit a ball and get practice on the court. In the same way, we need to practice our closes. Try writing them out in your own words, practice them back-and-forth in front of the mirror, and role-play with other people. Even when you practice, that still doesn’t make you 100% confident.

5. Experience

Get in real-world situations where you can practice those closings in real life with real people. Where they can give you objections, you can face fears and awkwardness, and get over thinking your techniques won’t work. One of my favorite stories Zig Ziglar ever told was about two thirsty travelers who stopped in the middle of a field to pump water. They pumped for a really long time, right up until the water got to the surface, and they gave up. Don’t give up just because you think you are doing so much for so long and not getting anywhere!

6. Know-how

As you keep practicing in the real world, you start to develop the last step on the way to confidence where you start to understand why someone would buy and why someone would not buy. With tennis, know-how happens when we understand the science behind the mechanics of the sport.

7. Confidence

Confidence occurs when you know what to do, why it works, and feel comfortable doing it.
What causes people to get frustrated is when they try to skip these steps. Sometimes they have desire, and they want to go straight to experience, but get frustrated because they don’t yet feel confident. It is important to follow the steps one at a time. You have to have desire, goals, knowledge, practice, experience, and know-how. Then you will truly be confident.
What are some experiences you’ve had keeping to steps like these?

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