Finding Purpose In Your Company

At the end of 2008, our company was in the third year of its business. It was a very difficult year. We were running our company at a huge deficit and we almost closed the doors. In January of 2009, as a company of 10 people, 8 of us got together for this meeting and asked ourselves these questions:

  • “What do we believe in?”
  • “Who are we?”
  • “What do we want?”
  • “What do we stand for?”

Purpose > Performance

We got clear as a company on our values. We came to the realization that purpose precedes performance.

If you or your team is not performing like you want them to be, if you have renegades, if you have low performance and bad attitudes, it’s most often the lack of vision. It’s the lack of clarity around your values and what you stand for as a company.

As a leader, you have to help your people get really clear on what they must believe to be part of your organization. You have to be clear on the company values and non-negotiable beliefs.

Ask yourself, “What do I stand for?” “What do we stand for as a company?” Find out what is non-negotiable.

Figure out the ways of behaving, the things that you believe in that no matter what, you will all need to rally around. If you get clear and promote this in a very consistent way, and repeat it so it’s owned, you’ll get people marching in the same direction.

People will start changing their behaviors because they have gotten clear on their beliefs! And if they don’t, they will eject themselves from the culture. You’ll have a culture that is very much stronger with the performance and results that you want.

It is so important to find your purpose to perform your best. Has this been something you recently discovered, or even need help unfolding? I want to know! Comment here and let’s grow together!

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