Emotional Intelligence Mastery: Triggers

Last week’s post “Selling in Streaks” started our conversation about emotional intelligence and neuro-associative programming techniques. This week, we’re discussing triggers.

What are triggers?

You can use triggers to program your mind and your emotions to be in a healthier, more attractive, more abundant emotional state. Because, in reality, we’re constantly being triggered by our environment.

  • You smell a certain smell and suddenly you’re hungry.
  • You get “the look” from your mother and you feel a sense of guilt rising from the pit of your stomach.
  • Your significant other says one word to you and you’re instantly mad.
  • You hear a certain sound and it takes you back, almost like a déjà vu moment.
  • A song on the radio plays and you’re transported to another time in your life when this song also played or was popular at the time.

We are being triggered all the time whether we realize it or not. And we can either purely react to our environment and to all these triggers, or we can take control of our programming by intentionally choosing triggers that are going to remind us to put us in a better emotional state.

What are positive action triggers?

You can proactively build positive action triggers into your day and into your life. For example, one of the things that we teach our clients at Southwestern Coaching to do is to wear a referral rubber band. They actually take a rubber band and put it around their wrist and write the word “referrals” on it. When they are out meeting with clients, giving presentations, or even just on the phone, they can look down at that rubber band and it reminds them to ask for referrals.

Neuro-associative programming works best when there’s a pro and con to the trigger you’re trying to form. If one of our clients forgets to ask for referrals, they stretch that rubber band out as far as they can and release it so that it snaps them on the wrist. The pain they’re inflicting on their wrist is far less than the pain that they’re inflicting on their business by not asking for referrals!

To establish positive action triggers yourself, try doing any of the following:

  • Put a note on your steering wheel to remember to do something.
  • Put a note on your pre-approach pad.
  • You can have a song that you play, right before calling prospects that gets you in the right mental space to go out and really crush it during those precious hours.
  • You can do a happy dance to get yourself energized right before going into a meeting or making a presentation.

These are a few things that you can build into your day to trigger the right emotional state, or to help you remember to do something that you need to do to help your business succeed. Consciously and deliberately put triggers into your day.

Look out for my next post on another neuro-associative technique that will help you increase your emotional intelligence—Power Moves.

If you’d like to learn more how to set up positive triggers in your life and what Southwestern Coaching can do for you and your business contact me!

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