Emotional Intelligence Mastery: Anchors

Last week we learned more about power moves and how we can use neuro-associative programming to stand tall, proud, and victorious throughout the day. As we continue to become masters of neuro-associative programming, this week I’ll explain how we can use anchors to increase our emotional intelligence abilities.

What is an Anchor?

An anchor is basically a memory that brings you back to a certain emotional state of mind that you want to be in. It could be something that happened 1, 5, or even 10 years ago but when you find yourself in a similar situation, or when you hear a certain song, or the weather is just the same way, and you’re reminded of what happened at that time, you are experiencing an anchor. There are a lot of different types of anchors:
• Confidence anchors
• Power anchors
• Peace anchors
• Happiness anchors
You can have an anchor that brings you back to any emotional state—good or bad. For example, a confidence anchor is a memory that you might intentionally draw upon and think about in order to bring you back to a state of feeling confident.

Ask yourself, When did I do something where I amazed myself and I felt extremely confident? When did I achieve something that I am incredibly proud of? Everyone has done something in their life that they didn’t think that they could do but came out on successful on the other side. Everyone has times in their life when they’ve been really proud of themselves and they felt confident. Intentionally identify those times in your life when you have felt extreme confidence and think about those times, close your eyes and replay the story of exactly how it went, how you felt, what you wore, what you said, even down to the weather that day. Bring yourself back to that emotional state. All the details will help you solidify that positive anchor.

Using Anchors to Increase Your Sales Activity

You can think of these anchors throughout your day or throughout the month. Think of a time you secured a huge order as you walk door-to-door in the heart of summer. Purposefully remember a time when you answered objections gracefully, smoothly, four or five times and then they bought your product or service. Bring yourself back to a time when you had to approach several times and then they let you in and you now have a long-term client. It’s ideal to have anchors for each stage of your sales cycle that you can draw on so that you never get discouraged.

Let those positive anchor memories give you confidence that you can do it again in the future. Look out for next week’s post on the last neuro-associative technique for our series that will help you increase your emotional intelligence—breathing techniques.

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