Culture Elevates Results

Company culture is a buzzword. But what is culture and why does it matter? Simply put, culture refers to the customs and social institutions of a particular group of people. In other words, culture describes a set of habits of a group of people. We are our habits. That is why you can almost feel a company’s culture the moment you walk into their building or the moment they answer the phone. You can feel the lack of motivation and care that is rampant in a company with a diseased culture. You can also sense the positivity and energy that exists in a company with a healthy culture. Let’s break down all the ways that culture matters to a company.

Culture Attracts the Right People

A strong, distinct company culture attracts the right people like a magnet. With a strong company culture, a leader does not have to lure someone in by being the highest bidder. Your culture can speak for itself. It makes the job of a recruiter or a leader easier because the wrong people will eject themselves.

Culture Accelerates or Annihilates Employee Motivation

According to a study done by Deloitte, 95% of employees say that culture is more important than compensation. Research on the psychology of motivation has repeatedly proven that money is not the primary motivator. People will work harder in a culture where they feel loved outside of their results, where they feel called toward a purpose, where they feel they have deep relationships, and where they feel appreciated for their efforts.

Culture is a Competitive Advantage

With so much competition in the marketplace, culture is what makes you stand out. There are a lot of places where you can buy a burger, but while in Phoenix today, I had to visit In-n-Out Burger. Sure, their burgers are good, but the restaurant is a cultural icon because it is always expected that you are going to get quick, accurate, courteous service from someone who is clean-cut, well spoken, and polite.

Culture Protects a Company through Strategical Challenges

The good ole 4 P’s of marketing matter to the success of a company. Price, product, promotion, and place make up your company’s strategy. However, a company with a strong culture over time can beat out a company with a seemingly obvious advantage.

The bottom line: a healthy, positive, supportive, distinct company culture attracts the right people. It keeps them motivated. It gives them a competitive advantage. And it helps them weather the storms of the business world. All of these benefits ultimately mean that a strong culture has strong results.

Culture elevates results.

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