Control What You Can: Attitude and Effort

Often we get frustrated in life when we try to control things that we actually have no control over.
We get frustrated when the traffic is bad and we are late to work.
We get frustrated when somebody doesn’t buy from us, or they don’t show up for an appointment.
We get frustrated all day long with little things that are happening, that we forget that we cannot actually control some of those things.
What can we do to keep from feeling this way?
There are only two things each day that you actually can control. Only two things!
They are your attitude and your effort.

That’s it!

When something bad happens you control how you react to that something. You can control what attitude you choose to put on. Choose to put on a good one!
You can also control how hard you work. How many hours you put in. You control how hard you work during those hours, how many phone calls you make, if you pick up the phone and dial again and again and again.
There are things that you can influence, like how well you have a conversation. You can influence if somebody buys or not, but you can’t really control the outcome at all.
You can control a lot of what you do in terms of how many appointments you set, etc. You can have a great amount of control over that. Two things we can work on controlling is how hard we work and our attitude.
If you focus on controlling the "controllables", controlling what you actually can control, and just surrender the rest, you will have a lot less frustration and a whole lot more peace!

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