A Great Leader is a Great Promoter

Mary Kate Ash was probably one of the best promoters in the history of sales management. She really knew how to use contests and incentives to drive results as well. Not only did she give away a pink Cadillac as a gift, but she also gave out very small prizes.
She would tell leaders of the importance of giving out a five-dollar prize with a $50 bow.
Mary Kate Ash knew one important principle. It’s about promotion! A great leader is always a great promoter. When you’re giving out a contest, it’s not about the size of the prize, it really is about the hype of the prize.
Here are a few ways to better improve promoting as a leader:

#1 Enthusiasm

When you’re announcing this contest, incentive, or prize, it takes enthusiasm that someone can win! You have to build up what it means to go out and win this contest. You also have to build up that prize. Either with a $50 bow and excellent packaging, or your language and excitement for that prize.

#2 Repetition

You don’t just announce a contest or the prize in the Monday morning meeting, then not mention it until the next meeting or when you award it. Send out newsletters and emails as reminders. When you see people in the hallway, remind them about the contest. Constantly remind people to keep their eye on the prize!
It takes enthusiasm and repetition to have a successful contest or incentive for your team. Get excited and you will get great results for those prizes! Win-win all around!

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