3 Reasons You Don’t Get Referrals And What You Can Do About it

We can all agree that referrals are a good thing. Referrals that trickle in because someone heard about you from one of your clients don’t come often enough. Sometimes, we need to take a step back and look more into why we aren’t getting more referrals.

Here might be 3 reasons why you are not getting enough:

1. You don’t ask.
2. You ask passively.
3. You ask incorrectly.
These are typically reasons given for why you didn’t ask for referrals:
  • “I shouldn’t have to ask. If I do a good job, people will refer me.”
  • “I don’t want to come across as pushy or salesy.”
  • “I ran out of time before my next appointment.”
  • “I’ll ask later. I need to earn their trust first.”
  • “If I ask, I will look like I need the business. I want to look successful.”
Those are all rationalizations – rational sounding lies believed to be true. The truth is professionals make time to ask for referrals, and they do it in a way that the client actually gets excited to help them.

You must ask for referrals!

Some people ask but are fearful. Fear causes you to ask passively or ask with trepidation: “I really appreciate referrals. If you think of anyone who would benefit from what I do, please connect them to me.” You mention that you like referrals. You don’t ask for them directly. It is not likely you will get them if you do not ask for them.

You must expect to actually collect referrals when you ask!

  • You may ask, “Do you know of anyone who. . .” By asking this way, you actually set yourself up to get a response of “I can’t think of anyone right now, but I will let you know if I do.”
  • Another example, “I need to think about it. Can you call me next week?”
  • The “hermit” objection: “I don’t know anyone.”
  • Not a good one, “Sure you can call him, but just don’t use my name. Let me talk to him first.”
  • And the worst, “I don’t give referrals.”

You have to ask for referrals the right way!

Here are some good ideas to try next time:
  • “Who do you know who . . . “ instead of “do you know anyone who. . . ”
  • Pause after you ask to allow them time to think.
  • Break eye contact.
  • Look down at your paper ready to write.
  • Use memory joggers.
    • For example, if you are in Insurance, there are certain life events that trigger people to think about their insurance. Anyone who is getting married, buying a new house, buying a new car, having a kid, retiring, or changing jobs is a great prospect. Ask who they know in each of these categories going through some life events.
The number one way to get referrals is to give someone an opportunity to give them to you. If you are not asking, start there. Then work on your attitude. You must expect to collect names and numbers. Next, use the above techniques. You will be amazed by how many referrals you get!
How are these tips working for you? Comment below!

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