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Emmie Brown is one of the world’s most sought after experts at helping leaders develop processes to build sales teams and maximize salesperson performance.

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Maximize your sales potential – Recruit top sales talent – Design techniques and tools – Build sales systems

Every business leader wants to grow their sales.

Yet few are able to create any traction with consistent, scalable growth.

Building a salesforce that operates at its maximum potential can be incredibly challenging. It’s an uphill battle to find the right people, recruit them, train them, and then motivate them to actually be successful.

As a result, most sales organizations have no plan or process for creating predictable and scalable revenue.

This dynamic can lead to decreased team member morale, drops in productivity, and even increased salesperson turnover.

Emmie Brown can help. Her specialty is teaching people how to manage systems to lead people.

She is an expert at working with people like you to develop the systems and processes you need to maximize the performance of your personal sales or that of your team.

By utilizing the proven methodology of Southwestern Consulting, she can partner with you to create actionable steps that will immediately lead to increased revenue and more income.

Most of all, she will help you build systems that reinforce your consistent overall growth.

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Meet Emmie Brown

Senior Partner of Southwestern Consulting

With over 100 team members and well over 8 figures in annual revenues, Southwestern Consulting is one of the fastest growing sales consultancies in the world today. Our mission is to help people achieve their goals in life and to elevate the practice and perception of sales. As a Senior Partner and equity-holder of the company, Emmie’s insights are backed by Southwestern Consulting’s frontline research and work with over 8,000 different teams in more than 40 countries.


Top Personal Producer

A practitioner of what she teaches, Emmie is an ultra-performer, consistently ranking in the top 1% of sales forces. Her success led her to spend four years on a national tour training sales organizations around the country. During that time, she interviewed and spoke to over 550 teams, learning extensively about what creates breakdowns in communication, why salespeople don’t make the sale and the reasons that organizations don’t reach their potential.

Experienced Leader

It’s incredibly rare to find someone who can be both a top personal performer and a top sales leader; Emmie Brown is one of those people. She was on the coveted Wall of Greats for recruiting some of the most successful teams in history in her former Direct Sales career. During that time, she also ran hundreds of group interviews and conducted more than a thousand of 1-on-1 interviews for potential salespeople. At Southwestern Consulting, she also leads one of the largest organizations in the entire company. Today, she coaches some of the most successful sales leaders from top companies around the world.

Expert in Sales Psychology

In addition to her real-world experience, Emmie has a psychology degree from the University of North Carolina. She has unique insights to help you more effectively communicate your point-of view, be more persuasive in selling, and motivate your team to action. She is the author of the upcoming books Seek First Selling and the leadership book, Manage Systems to Lead People. Also, an experienced speaker Emmie has spoken across the globe as far away as New Zealand.  


  • Research

    We perform on site shadowing and review your sales processes.

  • Consult

    We deliver expert recommendations customized to your unique business.

  • Create

    We partner with you to create custom resources for you to immediately use in your business.

  • Embed

    Your team engages with our ongoing coaching and accountability systems to ensure maximum implementation and results.

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David Consiglio, President, ISL

I was initially very skeptical of letting someone get “behind the curtain” of our family company. But Emmie took time to learn about our business before she put a proposal together on what SWC could do. The sales manuals and talk tracks they helped us to create have helped us get more customers and attract and onboard new hires. Even seasoned salespeople in our organization rave about Emmie! 

Jim Burnett, Chief Development Officer, SMS Holdings

Emmie did an outstanding job of building a presentation around the needs of our company and our objectives for the conference. Her material was relevant and interesting to our group. All left with some key “take-aways” that they could share with their own teams and put to work back on the job. The session was an unqualified success.

Mark Onan – NASP

In 10 years I don’t think I’ve heard a better speaker. You have the perfect blend of intelligence, friendliness, and persuasiveness. You are so engaging!

Joe F. Brannon III – Co-Founder & CEO, textLIVING

Emmie delivered a mesmerizing speech that was thought-provoking and full of great relevant ideas that could be implemented the second you stepped out of the auditorium!

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