What is Mortgage Top Producer’s #1 Key to Success?

“If I had to pick one (relationship building activity) that I think I like to do mostly because I think a lot of other people won’t do it and it’s so easy to execute, it would be video texting.” –Mary Van Dorn, Kinecta Federal Credit Union

I’m bringing on one of my coaching clients, Mary Van Dorn, Senior Loan Officer with Kinecta Federal Credit Union in California. Mary and I have been working together for over two years. She’s one of the best in the industry at building relationships and serving her clients at a high level. She’s incredibly creative with her marketing.

I asked Mary Van Dorn if she could identify one thing that she would say has been the most important in contributing to her success in sales, what would it be?

“I would say that it has to be the continuation of communication because it’s important in the loan business that everybody involved in the transaction understands what’s going on all the time. It is, so they don’t feel disconnected at a stressful time. Even getting outside that process or transaction and keeping in touch with my referral partners. Whether they’re realtors, CPA’s, financial planners or also clients that I’ve worked with before, keeping that communication open is crucial.” — Mary Van Dorn, Kinecta Federal Credit Union

“I have an excel spreadsheet where I keep about 12 columns of different ways I connect with a client.” — Mary Van Dorn, Kinecta Federal Credit Union

“If I meet you at a board breakfast or a luncheon when I leave the lunch I wait about an hour or two to make sure you’ve settled into another location. I send a video text, and I try to keep it at eight maybe 10 seconds. It’s short, and it’s brief.

An example is:

“Hey Sharon, I enjoyed meeting you at the board breakfast this morning. I’m looking forward to our discussion and furthering how we can do some strategic business together. And I was touched about our conversation when you were telling me about the work you do with disabled vets, and I think you’re a special person. I’m looking forward to our meeting next week”.

It’s short and sweet, and I will not look at the video text before I send it. That’s my advice. If you’re going to send that text videos.” — Mary Van Dorn, Kinecta Federal Credit Union

Little things like video texts or messages are so easy to do, but they’re still not, and I think we’ve got a short window until they become commonplace. Mary is willing to do that and get out of her comfort zone and connect.

If you would like to connect with Mary Van Dorn, please email her at [email protected] or (949)709-LOAN.

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