The Third Income Producing Activity for Sales Leaders (Part 3 of 12)

If you are a sales manager carrying a quota, you MUST continue to sell yourself as much as possible.

Today is my third installment of income producing activity for sales leaders. Last week I talked about time management based on compensation, and this is similar. This is a gut check for sales leaders to remember not to lose contact with their pipeline while guiding their team.

If you are a sales leader, who is carrying a quota and a lot of the sales managers and leaders who we personally coach, consult and work with, do. They kind of wear both hats. They’re both sales managers, and they’re managing a team, but then they also have their production that they’re in charge of.

When I first became a sales leader, all of a sudden, I became so focused on my team that I pushed my sales production to the side. I looked up 90 days later, and my pipeline was dry, which always happens if we don’t prioritize selling. That was a painful personal experience.

We need to prioritize selling because we’ve got to be great role models for our team.

A good rule of thumb is your team will do about half as much of what you do well and then about twice as much of what you’re not very strong.
And so if you find that you’re struggling with prioritizing your prospecting, then you will find that your team also struggles with that too. I did another video previously on breaking down your time according to how you get paid. So if 50 percent of your pay is personal production and 50 percent is team production, then you need to have your schedule split evenly. If it’s different, you allocate differently.

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