The Tenth Income Producing Activity of Sales Leaders (Part 10 of 12)

Shadow your team members on a REGULAR basis. A day in the field is worth a hundred personal conferences or meetings.

Today, the 10th income-producing activity is to shadow each of your team members in the field on a regular basis. At Southwestern Consulting we believe that spending some shoulder to shoulder quality time in the area with your team member can uncover and reveal opportunities to help them improve.

At the beginning of the year, one of your most important tasks is lining up your shadow schedule for each of your team members so that you have planned time for each one of them. It gives them enough of a heads up to prepare to put together some outstanding sales activities that you can see them doing in the field. It is one of the most amazing opportunities to bond.

Include a little bit of personal time, as well. Take them out to a meal and see their spouse and family.

I would love to tell you some of the strategies and planning you can implement for your shadow sessions. Please connect with me at and request a free phone call, fill out the form or visit my blog for additional sales tips and videos. I love connecting with sales managers and getting your insight on how you manage and increase productivity.

STAY TUNED as we wrap up this video series. We’ve got the final two income producing activities of sales managers!


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Elyse Archer is a certified Top Producer Consultant Sales and Leadership Coach. She specializes in teaching ethical sales techniques and strategies that individuals and teams can use to immediately grow their sales. She has trained hundreds of sales professionals and business owners on how to build a strong personal brand that attracts ideal clients. Her life philosophy and training style are both centered around the wisdom of Jim Rohn, who stated that “In order to have more, you have to become more.” She hosts a weekly podcast “The Wise, Young Leader” that you can listen to

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