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What it Takes to Exceed Expectations with Tracy Christman- Episode 2 of the Younger Wiser Leader Podcast



Tracy Christman is the Vice President of Vendor Alliance for Budget Blinds.  In this episode of the Younger Wiser Leader podcast, she shares her best strategies for how she successfully wears multiple hats every day to create superior results in her business and family.

Show Highlights

 “Really prioritizing what has to come first, what you have to chip away at and really putting it in perspective.” – Tracy Christman

“I really give it that “A,B,C”, for example this is the hottest item…but instead of “A,B,C”, I color code it. I have a spread-sheet so I can visually see it.”  – Tracy Christman

“For me, if I don’t lay it out like that (prioritizing), something ends up suffering and helps me to delegate if I can.” – Tracy Christman

“I don’t have to lay out personal things on a priority list, that is my heart, but I will definitely calendar it so nothing gets in the way, yet my priority will always be my family.” – Tracy Christman

“You never know what life is going to bring you. I was almost left a widow with a one year old child…You just never know how blessed you truly are until you wake up and realize that your life changed…You can always find a balance.” – Tracy Christman

“Take the time to get to know people, find out who they are, what their needs are and really digging in to get to know them. Having that personal insight is important to me because it is a part of them.” – Tracy Christman

“People want to do business with people who make them feel good.” @amandajohnsSWC

“I think that, especially being a female in today’s workforce, one of the biggest things is to speak your mind, have very strong opinions, and stick to them.” – Tracy Christman


The Younger Wiser Leader podcast is a bi-weekly podcast co-hosted by Amanda Vaden and Elyse Archer of Southwestern Consulting. Every other week these two ladies come together to interview sales leaders and discuss sales best practices that are proven to help elevate sales. These are the things that they wish they knew as younger versions of themselves, and they’re bringing them to you in this show to help accelerate your path to success.  Please subscribe below and log into your favorite medium (itunes here) to listen to the show and leave a rating and review!

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