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The Surprising Gift of Feedback with Damien Harmon, President of GCR – Episode 1 of the Younger Wiser Leader Podcast


Damien Harmon is the president of Bridgestone’s commercial tire and service business and has led the company in its initiative to be one of the best customer service companies in the world. In this episode, Damien shares how to leverage feedback to grow as a leader in all facets of life, as well as how Bridgestone’s approach to change from the outside in can be applied for monumental success in your own business.

Show Highlights:

“Feedback is a gift.” -Damien Harmon

“No matter where the feedback comes from, you have to figure out a way to hear it, digest it, internalize it, take action against it, and then thank the person for it.” – Damien Harmon

“I wake up every morning and my goal is to make a difference.” – Damien Harmon

“I deliver shock and awe business results.” – Damien Harmon

“They key it understanding what the intent and objective of your change I and really grounding yourself in reality of who you are and what you are as an organization.” – Damien Harmon

“Make sure that everyone is clear on why the change is necessary, what their role in the change is and what the outcome of the change will be.” @DamienHarmon

“When you are in an organization that doesn’t really have a burning platform, you have to help people understand where the industry is going, why it is going that way and where you stand and THEN help them understand the change.” – Damien Harmon

“(In order to achieve “Ideal State”) do a lot of research on where your industry is and where your industry is going.” – Damien Harmon

“Humble yourself to be able to work with your strategic partners, so they can actually tell you where you’re gapping.” – Damien Harmon

“One of the key elements is being able to map out your experience and identify one area or a couple areas in your experience journey that you actually want to focus on transforming” – Damien Harmon

“Most companies can’t change everything but they can be a disrupter in one or two areas that sets them apart from their competition.”  – Damien Harmon

“Take a step back and put yourself in a position to notice.” – Damien Harmon

“Look at it from the position of a customer and not from the position of an owner.” – Damien Harmon

“The key is not to explain “why?”, but really try to listen to the impact it has on your customer” – Damien Harmon

“We challenge ourselves to think outside the box and not with the status quo in mind.” – Damien Harmon

“We make it simpler for our teammates to do business, which allows them to operate in a more efficient and effective manner and allows them to ultimately deliver those shock and awe business results.” – Damien Harmon

“SO much of our efforts many times as business owners, business leaders, entrepreneurs, sales people, ops people doesn’t matter; is many times we take out approach to change from the inside out.” @amandajohnsSWC

“It’s also really taking a very deep, hard look at what do your customers what, not what do you think they want, but what are they telling you they want and need.” @amandajohnsSWC


The Younger Wiser Leader podcast is a bi-weekly podcast co-hosted by Amanda Vaden and Elyse Archer of Southwestern Consulting. Every other week these two ladies come together to interview sales leaders and discuss sales best practices that are proven to help elevate sales. These are the things that they wish they knew as younger versions of themselves, and they’re bringing them to you in this show to help accelerate your path to success.  Please subscribe below and log into your favorite medium to listen to the show and leave a rating and review!

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