Sales Managers Can Use this Top Tip to Improve Recruiting

How many golden hours for recruiting do you have on your calendar every month?

Block out that time. It may need to be every week. It may need to be every day; it may need to be every month.

A golden hour is merely a block of time that you have blocked off for your income-producing activity. That’s time going to making phone calls, and in your case, as a sales leader, that means making calls to potential recruits. Do you have golden hours blocked off on your calendar every month to reach out to potential recruits in your pipeline? This is one of the best uses of your time that you can make every single month as a sales leader.

Depending on your sales cycle and on the industry that you’re in, you may have low or high recruiting goals. Having that golden hour where you’re uninterrupted, you got your door closed, and your phone is on “do not disturb.” You are only taking callbacks from recruits who are reaching back out to you or to return a voicemail of potential candidates. This is one of the most important things that you can do to keep your pipeline full and to make sure people are tracking along through your process as you are recruiting.

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