How to Maximize Your Sales Recruiting Results (Part 1 of 4)

I want to dig into this concept of having scheduled, blocked-off, focused time on your calendar for making your recruiting calls to new potential team members.

At Southwestern Consulting we call these our “Golden Hours.” I am talking about the most important hours of your day.

I’m excited to launch a little mini-series for my sales leaders who were actively recruiting salespeople. At Southwestern Consulting, we have found there are four key things that you need to do to get the most out of that time.

Today, I am addressing the first one, and it is to block off that RECRUITING time on your calendar and treat it as the most important appointment of your day.

What you want to do is reverse engineer and ask yourself:

  • How do I hit my recruiting goals for however many recruits I want on my team?
  • What does that sales cycle look like?
  • How many calls do I need to make a day, week or month?
  • How am I going to track and judge success in my number of calls?

That you are and you have a rough idea of how many calls you need to make every month to hit your recruiting goals than you would want to block off that time on your calendar accordingly. And for some of you, it may be once a week.

What I’ve found with my prospecting calls and with many clients, is that if it’s going to get done, it needs to get done first thing in the day. I would recommend just based on experience, block it off first thing in the day before everything else happens and gets crazy.

It may be an hour, it may be two hours, but treat it like the most important appointment, and you will feel amazing the rest of the day that you got that most important thing is done. You’ll find that the long-term money and revenue that you make from reaching out to new potential recruits during that hour, has exponential value to you because the money that you end up earning from your team.

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Elyse Archer is a certified Top Producer Consultant Sales and Leadership Coach. She specializes in teaching ethical sales techniques and strategies that individuals and teams can use to immediately grow their sales. She has trained hundreds of sales professionals and business owners on how to build a strong personal brand that attracts ideal clients. Her life philosophy and training style are both centered around the wisdom of Jim Rohn, who stated that “In order to have more, you have to become more.” She hosts a weekly podcast “The Wise, Young Leader” that you can listen to

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