How this Southwestern Consulting Client Has Had Massive Success in Both Sales and Lead

Today, I get to bring you Chad Blanton with Simplicity Financial Marketing. I believe he is a top leader in the world of sales. I have enjoyed watching him succeed at a high level no matter what role he is in, whether sales or leadership.

I asked Chad what he can attribute his success to and to give me his most significant keys to success.

“I think the one thing if I had to boil it down, is just driving production and success through investing in people through time and resource.” –Chad Blanton, Simplicity Financial Marketing

“Things that come at you left and right and the up and down and sideways and you can’t control those things, but the one thing you can control is the impact that you make into your team’s life and the time that you spend with them and the investments you make to their lives. “ — Chad Blanton, Simplicity Financial Marketing

“Hiring the right people, building the right culture and then just constantly investing your time, energy and resource into those people, because you drive production through people” — Chad Blanton, Simplicity Financial Marketing
I asked Chad to give me an example of how he knows how much time to invest?

“You have to schedule time. You’ve got to create your calendar as a leader and block it off for intentional time. One on one with each sales staff member and spend that time getting to know them on a personal business level. It has to be a good blend.” — Chad Blanton, Simplicity Financial Marketing

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