How this Financial Advisor Ranked in the Top 10% of His Company

Today, I am talking with one of our very own coaching clients, Ross Meitin. Ross is a certified financial planner affiliated with Lincoln Financial Advisors in Chicago. He succeeds at a high-level Ross is actually in the top 10 percent of Lincoln, so this is a great opportunity to hear secret to success.

My question to Ross Meitin, Lincoln Financial Advisors, was, “If you could give one piece of advice to a sales professional who wants to get to the next level, what would it be?”

These are the two things Ross asks himself when he meets a client:

  • Do I want to work with this person for the next 20-30 years?
  • Are they a good fit for me? Am I for them?

He believes in shaping your career from early on, and to have this long-term focus. The relationships I build are for 20-30 years because that is the timeframe we work.

Secondly, Ross believes in that “good fit,” to have that long-term perspective. “Now you can narrow your focus but go a mile deep.”

The key to Ross’s success is that once he takes on a client, he almost NEVER loses them. Building deeper relationships and serving them is Ross’s focus and clients feel that and get comfortable talking to him. They also know he is looking out for their best interest.

I think that is such a good piece of advice and it’s something that everybody should be thinking about no matter how long your sales cycle. It makes decisions a lot easier. It helps us to not make hasty decisions in the short term that in the long run, we regret.

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