The Fourth Income Producing Activity of Sales Leaders (Part 4 of 12)

Do you run a weekly team meeting where you recognize people?

If you do this type of TEAM meeting consistently, you will get:

  • More Effort
  • Better Results

I’m doing a series on the 12 different things that you as a sales leader, the sales manager should be focusing your time on that make you money. Today in the fourth, it’s to run a weekly team meeting where you recognize people.

I was working with one of my team members in California, and we were talking to a prospect of his who’s a sales manager who said, “I don’t like bringing my team together for meetings. They’re veterans, and they get annoyed when they’re out in the field, and I asked them to come in, and I’m taking time out of their day. In general, a lot of companies do way too many meetings that aren’t productive.”

  • Are you doing meetings that aren’t productive?
  • Are you doing meetings that help your team?

There are different themes that you should be incorporating into your sales meetings every week. If you do these things, you will see your production go up from your entire team, whether they’re veterans or whether they’re newbies.

I sit in on quite a few sales meetings while working with different sales teams. Sometimes there’s not the great energy to a lot of the ones that I’ve sat in on. Sometimes it’s the leaders coming down hard on people; everybody’s being held accountable for their production, whether they were at the top or whether they’re at the very bottom. Those meetings have to happen sometimes.

On a regular basis, you should be doing some sort of weekly recognition of your team, not only on production but also on activity. If you have these recognition meetings, then the accountability meetings won’t seem so hard.

When people know that they can get recognized in these weekly meetings, even if they didn’t have a great sales week, but if they put an effort on the phones or with emails or with networking, or with critical success factors then people get excited, and they put in more effort.

At Southwestern Consulting, we start off EVERY meeting sharing the good news, what’s happening, what’s a success, what’s the progress that you’ve had on an account. That good news is not only a mood boost to everybody on the team, but it also gives us great testimonials and stories that we can use when we’re talking with potential clients.

I hope this helped. I would love to help you structure your meeting or even connect with you about how you are doing your current recognition meetings. Please visit me at, and you can see some of my past blog posts as well.

STAY TUNED for my next video coming out tomorrow on the fifth income-producing activity of sales managers.


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Elyse Archer is a certified Top Producer Consultant Sales and Leadership Coach. She specializes in teaching ethical sales techniques and strategies that individuals and teams can use to immediately grow their sales. She has trained hundreds of sales professionals and business owners on how to build a strong personal brand that attracts ideal clients. Her life philosophy and training style are both centered around the wisdom of Jim Rohn, who stated that “In order to have more, you have to become more.” She hosts a weekly podcast “The Wise, Young Leader” that you can listen to

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