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“My attitude is, if you try to help people, good things will happen to you. Taking the focus out of how much money do I make per hour, which I do well, but that’s not the focus. By helping a client determine what they want and what they need, we can help them make intelligent and informed decisions.” -Bill Manby, Manby Financial Strategies

I am so excited to have one of our coaching clients, Bill Manby of Manby Financial Strategies. I wanted to bring him on today to have him share his number one best sales or leadership tip. What he would impart to anybody in sales or leadership where he would say, this is a big piece of what has contributed to his success.

One of the things that I think is so exceptional about Bill is that even though he’s been semi-retired for several years, he continues to work to serve people and to help people and he’s built a very successful practice over his career.

“I’m probably older than most people listening to this, and I’ve been semi-retired for over 10 years, but my goal when I’m working is to be able to serve people, and by hiring a coach I was able to say, Hey, I’m working on improving my activity as far as seeing where I can help people, make intelligent and informed decisions. That’s a slow process sometimes because, in many industries, people don’t trust you right away. And so by asking questions and getting to know them and not being aggressive in trying to solve it too quickly, you begin to gain trust.” –Bill Manby, Manby Financial Strategies

“I have found that if I can put myself with people, they will see that I want to help. And by wanting to help it isn’t about let’s hurry up and get moving. Now the problem is if you’re not out there meeting new people, your practice is going to decline and I’m hoping as I meet new people, I will be able to help more people, and that will satisfy what I want to do with my life.” –Bill Manby, Manby Financial Strategies

Wow. I think one of the underlying themes there is money is the fruit, not the focus, right? And it always comes if we focus on service and then just maybe slowing down a little bit with people to gain trust and build that relationship. That always multiplies over time, and I think that life is more fun and serving people is more fun when we can take the time to be present with them in our interactions as well really.

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