The Eleventh Income Producing Activity of Sales Leaders (Part 11 of 12)

Do you implement and enforce your performance recovery plan (PRP)?

The 11th income producing activity of sales managers is to have a solid PRP in your arsenal when you have a team member get off track. Many times, we find that managers either do not have one or it is filed away and is not used.

With regards to a performance recovery plan, managers NEED to be prepared to use it to get team members back on the right path. We hope we never have to use it, but a failure to plan is a plan for failure. If you stick your head in the sand, you’re deluding yourself because at some point you’re going to have to use one if you lead and manage for long enough.

The reason it’s an income producing activity for you as a sales leader is that as soon as you have a team member who’s getting off track, you are going to be losing money. They’re going to be losing money. You need to put them on a plan to course correct immediately.

It’s one of the most important things that you can have in your arsenal. You can quickly get a team member back on track so that you don’t have to go through a whole process of eventually letting that person go. Which of course is terrible for them and you.

If you don’t have a performance recovery plan, don’t know how to build one or you’re struggling with how to get your people on one, please contact me. Reach out to me at as I can help you to get your PRP in line. We want to help you keep your team members producing, achieving goals and profitable.

STAY TUNED for my final video in this series of income-producing activities of sales leaders.


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