How to Recruit and Scale a Sales Team with Dustin Hillis – Episode 219 of The Action Catalyst Podcast

On a recent episode of The Action Catalyst Podcast, I was interviewed on the topic of “How to Recruit and Scale a Sales Team”. This is an action-packed episode that you will want to listen to discover principles of scaling a sales team.


  • When scaling, duplicate your best practices. @dhillis
  • It is the proven systems that are scalable. @dhillis
  • What is the need in the world you are passionate about fixing. @dhillis
  • You cannot teach what you do not know, and you cannot lead where you will not go. @dhillis
  • Fall in love with the hardest components of your job. @dhillis
  • It is much easier to recruit people to follow you once there is a track to run on. @dhillis
  • The only way to scale is to recruit people that scare you. @dhillis
  • You must be willing to do the work. @A Former Co-Founder_Former Co-Founder
  • Too often leaders get to the place of leadership and stop working. @A Former Co-Founder_Former Co-Founder
  • Integrity is the congruence of your words and actions. @A Former Co-Founder_Former Co-Founder
  • The ego has to die in order for you to become a great leader. @A Former Co-Founder_Former Co-Founder

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