Closing Different Buying Personalities

Navigate: Closing Different Buying Personalities

Closing the sale is one of the most important parts of the cycle of selling.  The best closers understand that closing is not an event, but rather closing the sale is a process of incremental “yes” questionsI define closing as “providing a service/product to someone that they need by helping them go from point A to point B, faster”.  The best closers in the world realize that people naturally procrastinate on making decisions, even if the decision is what they want and need.  That’s why being an expert closer is one of the best services you can provide society.

In my book Navigate: Selling The Way People Like To Buy (click here), I explain that there are 4 different buying behavior styles and how to identify them in 7 seconds or less and then modify your natural selling style to their buying style.  When trying to close a deal, each buying personality has their own specific way of closing that will help you and your buyer to feel good about the decisions made.

How to be a Navigate Closer




A Fighter’s main fear is losing control.  Knowing this, whenever you’re speaking with someone who has a dominate personality and tries to control the conversation, the best way to close the deal with them is called the choice of two positives. It’s a simple but effective technique with the Fighter where you offer two positive solutions and let them choose what they prefer. For example, if you’re setting up a meeting with a Fighter, instead of saying, “I’ll meet you at 3 o’clock at Starbucks,” say, “So what would be better for you? Tuesday or Thursday?  2 o’clock or 4 o’clock. Starbucks or Joe’s Coffee?” Giving them options makes them feel like they are in control, but in reality you are in control by offering the two options. You can do this until the close by saying which option do you prefer – option A or option B. You can go as far as asking if they want to do credit card or check.  As long as you keep giving them control, they will like you and trust you.




The most effective way to bring an Entertainer to a point of decision is if you’ll dream with them and help them see the big picture, something that’s exciting, something they can emotionally attach to.  A good technique is the Crystal Ball close. The Crystal Ball Close is where you forecast the Entertainer’s mind into the future and have them imagine what it’s going to feel like using your product/service.

Here is an example of how you use the Crystal Ball Close as if you were selling a car.  “Just imagine one year from now into the future, what do you see yourself enjoying about this car (or product or service you are selling) the most? Do you see yourself with your hair blowing in the wind? Or do you see you and your friends jamming out to some music? Which feature do you see enjoying the most?” If you talk about how the product/ service will make them feel in the right way in the close, Entertainer will literally put himself or herself into that picture you painted for them and they’ll emotionally attach to it.  They will decide to buy it because you emotionally charged them.



The person you don’t want to use the Crystal Ball Technique on is the Detective.  Detectives are the most logical decision makers.  With a Detective, use a technique called the Product, Price, Performance Close. The Product, Price, Performance Close is very logical and unemotional.  Sit down, peer to peer with the Detective, and ask them 3 easy questions.

1. Product

“Cindy, based on what I hear you saying, it seems you like the product, right?  Would you agree that the product is something you’d use?” Have the Detective talk about the product. “What was the main part of the product you liked the most?”

2. Price

“Comparatively speaking and based on the value you’re receiving, wouldn’t you agree that the price is reasonable?”

3. Performance

“Based on everything else I’ve said on how the product will operate and all the benefits of the product, do you trust me that the service that I’m rendering is of value to you?” Let them talk about how much they like you and trust you.

The Detective Direct Close: Once you’ve walked a Detective through the PPP Close you can the use a direct close like this:

“You know, Cindy, this logically makes sense. You said you’ll use the product, you think the price is fair, and the performance is great.  It’s really a no brainer. This just makes sense.  It’s logical that we should move forward with this.”  When you close with a Detective that way, taking them logically through the process, the product and the price, then you’ll be able to close the deal logically with them.




With a Counselor, remember that their fear is change, and they like to make decisions through consensus.  A Counselor wants to make sure what you’re telling them won’t dramatically change their family/team’s world. The best close to use with a Counselor is the 4 steps of the Walk Out Close. The Walk Out Close is taking their most common objection “let us discuss this and get back with you next week” away from them and using it to your advantage. This only works in a group setting.

Step 1:Plant Positive Seeds

If you have a Counselor with a few other people in the room and you just got through with your presentation, look at the decision maker (the Counselor) and set it up this way: Say, “John, if I’m reading you right, it seems like you think this is a pretty good idea. Betty, what is your favorite part about this product/service?  Is it (A or B)?   Mike, what’s your favorite part?”

Step 2: Ask for the Exit

“I think we would all agree that this all makes sense, but as a professional courtesy to you and the group, I want to make sure that you guys have the opportunity to discuss moving forward yourselves without me in the room. So I’m just going to step out for 5 minutes to let you guys discuss if this is the right move for you and your company (or your family) then I’ll come back and move forward from there.”

Step 3: Ask for the Answer

“The only favor that I ask is that when I return, you give me a thumbs up or thumbs down to let me know if this is something you are going to move forward with or not. We’ve already discussed all the details needed to make the decision I just want to make sure you guys are on the right page. Sound fair?”

Step 4: Pray

Even with you executing the previous 3 steps perfectly, they might still say “no”.  However, when you come back into the room, you will at least have an answer!  In sales, we can take a “yes”, and we can take a “no”… but it’s the “maybes” that kills us!

When becoming a Navigate Closer remember to sell the way people like to buy.

For more information about Navigate: Selling The Way People Like To Buy click here.

Closing Different Buying Styles

Navigate “Selling The Way People Like To Buy” by Dustin Hillis

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