Stop Chasing…Be a Magnet: An Interview with Chelsea Fournier

Stop Chasing…Be a Magnet: An Interview with Chelsea Fournier

Many have been there before. Working a job that is absolutely soul-sucking. Chelsea Fournier was a young, jet-setting, up-and-coming attorney of business law. She excelled. She crushed it. And…she absolutely hated what she was doing. Her life was characterized by success, money, insomnia, and stress. “I realized that a physical change was needed,” she said. That’s just what she did. If you meet her now, you’ll find a young, vibrant, (newly married) leader of the “tribe of intentional entrepreneurs.”

As you listen to the podcast, one thing that will strike you is her message of being “free-range humans.”  People are tired of the slick, packaged marketing. People want to do business with someone they feel is “real.” Authenticity is the currency of the day, and instead of trying to do business with everyone, we should only try to attract those who belong in our tribe.

Here’s how: be a magnet (to borrow a phrase from Chelsea Fournier). Your job is not to be all things to all people. When you do this, you either attract the nutjobs or you fail completely. Instead, you should focus on being a magnet. A magnet has two poles. One that attracts and one that repels. In order to attract the right people/partners/clients, we must be willing to repel the wrong kind of people/partners/clients.

Here are a few steps.

First, identify what you believe.

WHY do you do business? Why do you serve the people that you do? What do you feel you do better than anybody out there. What do you believe about how business should be done? If you can’t think of anything, start on the negative—what do you dislike about your competitors? What do you fight against? What do you fight for?

Next, identify the people who need you most.

Some call this an “Ideal Client Avatar.” Literally create a fictional character who is the average age, gender, income, family status, etc. of your BEST customer. Ask yourself—what does this person like (brands, beliefs, etc)? Where do these people gather/live (what websites, social media outlets, local groups, or trade associations might they belong to)?

Also, identify your “NOPE.” Who are the people that you do NOT want to do business with? What scenarios are you never willing to accept? If you think you don’t have a choice, you are wrong.

Finally, go get them!

Put your magnet on. Be confident in your beliefs, products, and message. Have a simple message that delivers your audience from their biggest pain. Meet, connect, listen, and then help.

Be authentic and get your magnet mojo on! Listen to the full podcast, and reach out to Chelsea. You can find her at


  • “Let’s be free-range humans!”
  • “Have fun along the way!”
  • “Don’t crash land into Monday!”


  • OnePassword
  • Google Drive
  • Virtual Assistant
  • CamScanner
  • Trello for Workflows
  • Facebook Live
  • Social Media—to find, deepen, and shorten the curve from “Hello” to “I’ll buy”

Book recommendation:  The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

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