How to Sell from a Boat: An Interview with Lauren LaForge

How to Sell from a Boat: An Interview with Lauren LaForge

Why aren’t you living the life you want? What’s holding you back?

Have you ever been binary in your thinking (meaning you have to choose A or B)? I have.

I can’t do this AND that. I can’t be a good parent AND a top producer. I can’t work hard AND travel. I can do this OR I can do that. Why can’t we have our cake AND eat it too? I think we can.

As I interviewed Lauren LaForge on her boat, The Intrepid, in Marina Delray, California, I was struck by a woman who decided to live with a big AND. Lauren decided years ago that travel was always going to be a part of her life. She also decided that she would be a top producer as a salesperson/business owner. AND, not OR.

It begs the question from anyone—have you been talking yourself out of the life you truly want?

“For me, there are millions of versions of life that can be experienced on this earth. In my hundred or so years, it would be sad to experience just one of those.” You can be an ultra-producer while living a life that you were meant to live. For Lauren, that means making the time NOW to do the things she loves, not waiting for something monumental to finally give herself permission to do what she loves.

I believe that we all need what I call “day candy.” These are the little joys that we build into our day and life, just for ourselves. For some, it’s a morning or evening routine. For others, it’s mini breaks: listening to a favorite jam, having a cup of coffee, etc. I have watched too many people crash and burn in their time management and life makeovers because they only put the work on their new schedule. The must-do’s; the things they think they HAVE to do. If you have no joy in your schedule, then you will despise it. If you stick with your new routine and schedule, you will be an angry, bitter person because all you have to do is “the grind.”

One of my mentors, Delatorro McNeal, suggests that you plan out your “wow moments” first. Plan your annual and quarterly vacations and getaways before you plan your work. Then have smaller “wow’s” planned monthly and weekly. Finally, have “day candy” for each day.

So, be a killer top producer. I dare you, challenge you even! But also love the life you have. Live intentionally. Wake up, kick butt, have fun, smile, laugh, dance, and sail, just like Lauren. You really should listen to her on this podcast.

Here are some additional tips from Lauren:

  • Book: You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero
  • Tips: Use your car for your office.
  • Hardware: The PowerCup-power station for car cigarette lighter adapter.
  • Mindset: Plan around what FIRES YOU UP. Make it a part of your life.



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