How to Live Your Own Wow Now: An Interview with Michelle Miller

How to Live Your Own Wow Now: An Interview with Michelle Miller

It started when she found a random ad on Facebook. Remote Year. Michelle signed up to do ten countries and twelve locations in one year. What I love most about her adventure is there were no concessions made.

“I didn’t want to go on this journey thinking or having people say, ‘You didn’t succeed, but at least you had a life-changing experience.’ I wanted to have a year of success. I knew that if I planned, I could experience not just a life-changing year, but a prosperous one as well.  I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. I believe you can.”

If you take anything from this podcast episode, please let it be that you don’t have to settle. You don’t have to be binary. You don’t have to be either/or. “Either I can have a great year of travel, or I can prosper as a salesperson.” Michelle didn’t. Michelle chose AND. Michelle chose YES.

A few takeaways for me:

This doesn’t just happen on hopes and dreams. Michelle crushed it by having a plan and committing to accountability.

3:05 Spend time putting together a plan of success. Michelle didn’t just want to experience a life-changing year, but a prosperous year as well. Not EITHER/OR.

5:30 Don’t look at travel to be something you are getting away from or looking for huge life changes. It’s something to go to.

11:25 Wow can become normal unless you’re not careful.

11:40 Live as you desire, live your own wow.

12:11 Being curious is a big deal. Get over your embarrassment and learn! Having a short memory of the bad is good; journaling helps too.

21:00 Break the belief barriers—it’s not that different from whatever you are doing. Keep the mindset of Living as I Desire.

23:00 Schedule time blocked, scheduling Skype dialing.

31:00 List of things Michelle takes everywhere:

  • Tax receipt carrier
  • Laptop
  • Roost laptop stand
  • Bose headphones
  • Vision board
  • Stones and gems
  • Puffy Jacket—there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing

33:05 People think that when you travel, you’re always on vacation. You’re not.

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