How to Lead from Anywhere: Interview with Jim Stryker

How to Lead from Anywhere: Interview with Jim Stryker

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you win big? One small victory at a time. Jim Stryker, who is in the elite club as far as production and leadership, breaks down high achievement into a mindset and small “base hits” that add up to big results.

Jim says that victory begins with the bed—it’s not what you’re thinking! It begins by MAKING your bed. Making your bed begins a series of wins. When you focus on the small things, they add up to become wins and those wins become more wins.  Rather than focusing on winning the world series of your life, you should focus on getting base hits. Forget about the big and become a craftsman at the mundane, small stuff. If we are striving for greatness in each moment, we get a little bit better each day.

As a top producer and a coach to top producers, I find that success is often not a result of mere strategy. There is an emotional component to it. It’s called momentum. It’s undeniable! When someone feels capable of coming into a situation, it has an undeniable impact on the outcome. How can one come into a situation (selling, leading, or ANYTHING) with this confidence? It helps to be coming from a victory. Wins beget wins. Losses beget losses. Start small and win big!

Quotes from Jim:

  • Win the day. The present is the present for a reason. It is a PRESENT. Treat it like a treasure.
  • Have a mindset of procession (going somewhere) and projection (knowing where you are going).
  • Don’t close a sale; it’s actually about opening the lines of possibility.
  • Be free to be you…Everybody is normal until you get to know them. Stop trying to be liked.
  • How you do anything is how you do everything.
  • How you do the little things is how you will do the big things.
  • Mindset. Progress, not perfection, is how we should use our life energy. Mindset and execution help you to live, learn, earn, and give.
  • People do the wrong thing because it’s a habit. Start with the habit of the win. Create momentum.

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